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Commission information:

Referential prices:

COMMISSION: DRAWINGS, Linearts and Graphite Greys

15 USD: "Chibi", distorted character LINEART.
20 USD: simple Character bust/face, no background.
25 to 30 USD: more complex works focused around a single main character, in black and white or graphite greys. (there may be secondary characters, and backgrounds... again, price depends of complexity.
30 to 40+ USD Referential price for a more complex scene, with more than one character interacting, more complex backgrounds, etc etc. Price it's only referential, as depends of complexity.

(To more complex commissions -depending of themes, characters, difficulty, number of characters, poses, perspective, complex or tedious armor, blah, etc, designs, more complex backgrounds, archicectural commissions and landscapes, etc- the price will be determined for complexity)

- In principle, commissions are in black and white, hand-draw, as I'm not allways avaible for colouring or digital colouring .
Therefore: Ask for avaibility! And In the case that the commissioner wants a coloured drawing, I consider this a second commission, paid in an independent way. The Price will depend on the complexity!

I must add, I'm not much of a colourist at hearth!


:bulletred: All commissions are paid via Paypal. Normally I prefeer to be paid once I have done the commission or a WIP of it. (I don't like being paid beforehand)

:bulletred: My prefereed contact method it's with notes in deviantArt.

:bulletred: I don't draw things banned from dA, things I'm not comfortable drawing, comics and fan art in general (with some exceptions from work of people I know in internet, or anime/cartoons I like in my own enough to draw as well. XD)

:bulletblue: I will/may upload the commission in my deviantArt Gallery, and the commissioner can request a high resolution copy by e-mail.

:bulletblue: I reserve myself the right to accept or not a commission. This could be due theme, being busy in "real life" outside of the internet, artblock, lack of inspiration, etc... I don't know.

:bulletblue: I reserve the right to post the commissioned artwork it in my dA page, pixiv, tumblr or other internet sites operated by me with non-profit goals. As well, I reserve the right to show the illustrations in exhibitions and my portafolio, but won't reproduce the commission for profit.

Doubts or interested, send me a note!

What I prefeer to do:

- Original Characters (Fantasy scenarios for the best, then Sci-fi ones a bit less XD)

- themes I draw in my gallery as well XD


If you want to commission you, BE WARNED! I'm a hobbyst, not a professional! I draw for fun, and from inspiration.

While normally I try to follow an order between the people that commissioned me in certain order, true to be told I don't work with a schedule, but from inspiration.

I'm quite sorry then for my randomly way of doing commissions.
The time as finally come for me to make the announcements, after taking about a month to judge the results:

I'm such a slow person. XI

The Wars of the Powers of Aiers, these crucial fictice conflicts in my creation of Aiers are among some of my personal favorite themes: they are sort of my graphic novel or fantasy novel I should write sometime, but knowning my erratic ways probably won't, and so while one of my prefeered thematics, I have never quite lived up to draw or write them in proper form, and largelly the writting of these wars have been done by others -as the work of :iconwalt-marsters:, Silas of Delgem, among others-

Mature Content

Silas of Delgem by Walt-Marsters

That's in part why I wanted to make a contest about these wars between humankind and their allies against the Dark Legion of Demons -or as they called themselves, the Confederation of Free Peoples-.

21 deviants ventured into the Wars of the Power, and in 37 pieces explored further these conflicts: We got to see ozcuras raiders, the wars of the Confederation of Free Peoples in Near Hieyoks, the resistence from the seas to the demonic rule and politics within the Dark Legion... Many stories, but my secret desire to see some of these campaigns and battles I have several times almost only given names to come into existence wasn't fullfilled:

Curses! My evil plan of making other people write the Wars for me had failed me!


I wanted to thank everybody for their entries that further helps to enrich the World of Aiers and it's legendarium, filling it with creatures and characters, giving them a distinctive form beyond simply some random names bursted into a ever-growing Aiers wikia, thanks Larvqen! .

Entries to the Contest

Bullet; Red:iconachast:AchastForaging Ozcura by Achast

Bullet; Red :iconthereptiliangeneral:TheReptilianGeneral :  Getting Along Well  by TheReptilianGeneral Improvised Trebuchets  by TheReptilianGeneral Glomp! by TheReptilianGeneral
Bullet; Blue:iconanimal-delos:animal-delos Forbidden Fruit - Aiers Contest EntryWar. On a planet filled with all manner of humanoid species, many of whom are territorial in nature, it was an inevitability. Even when a war finishes and there are times of fragile peace, it is only a matter of time until there is more war. Wise men say that in war there are no winners, only losers. However, that does not mean that war is not a necessity; overpopulation, evolution, technology, these are a few of the many things which war affects in one way or another. Populations are reduced, species are forced to adapt to harsher conditions, and advancement in technologies are made. Therefore, you could view future generations as benefitting from war, although this might not always be the case.
Sometimes, the effects weren’t felt until decades after the war. Although sometimes, and quite often unexpectedly, love can blossom on the field of battle. That is getting ahead of ourselves, though. First, we must go back a little bit to the events which led to the meat of our story.

Bullet; Red :iconarnilo: + :iconwalt-marsters:Arnilo + Walt-Marsters :  Jago's Reavers by Arnilo Around Aiers in Plenty of chapters-chapter 1 by Walt-Marsters Around Aiers in Plenty of chapters-chapter 2 by Walt-Marsters Trail of Trelkas by Arnilo Around Aiers in Plenty of chapters-chapter 3 by Walt-Marsters Around Aiers in Plenty of chapters-chapter 4 by Walt-Marsters Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Arnilo Around Aiers in Plenty of chapters-chapter 5 by Walt-Marsters Around Aiers in Plenty of chapters-chapter 6 by Walt-Marsters
Bullet; Red :iconbillie-bonce:Billie-Bonce : 

Mature Content

Punishment at the Market by Billie-Bonce
The Inobedient Slave. Part 1Punishment at the Market
The marketplace of a small town Kozzubad in southern Zarhuy was quiet. Afternoon never was a rush time at the market, only few buyers were unhurriedly wandering between the stalls, and the sellers were hiding from the merciless sun in deep shadows under the canopies. A tall slim elf with long blond hair and tanned skin entered the market. He looked young enough so that the women behind the counters called him a boy. He passed without stopping the rows of stalls with fabrics and clothes and was going to turn to the left to the food market when a noise from the right side drew his attention.
There was a small slave market there that normally was even more quiet than the food market unless it was a day of a slave auction. Several inexpensive slaves always were on sale there, but they just calmly sat on the ground suffering of thirst and heat. It was hard to imagine any reason for liveliness in that sad corner of the market. The tall elf curiously

Mature Content

Drow in the Hollow by Billie-Bonce
The Inobedient Slave. Part 2The New Home
The drow girl was sold. Could it be the end of her suffering or just another turn of her unhappy fate? She was unsure what to expect. Everything happened way too fast.
“Let's go to my place! But first we'll buy some potatoes,” the elf, her new owner, suggested. “I actually came to the market to buy some food… Oh well… Please follow me!”
“Did he said 'please'? He said 'please' to a slave… His slave… But he kept saying horrible things while he was bargaining,” the drow thought in doubt.
The elf headed to the entrance through which he entered the slave market. The girl followed him with a limp. He realized the problem as soon as he turned around the corner, as now he had to escort the naked slave girl through the food market, between two rows of aggressively mischievous women with sharp tongues. He tried to pretend that it is no big deal for him, but in fact he felt like he was caught doing something
The Inobedient Slave. Part 3The Hollow
“Master Tef, I feel like I'm ready to tell you the story how I became a slave,” Jarrionne said with exaggerrated seriousness that might be interpreted as self-mocking which very likely was caused by embarrassment. “So, master Tef, listen and don't laugh, please!”
“Why would I laugh?” asked Teffanidus. He got used to the nickname that Jarrionne had given him and stopped objecting and reminding her that he was not a 'master' to her. Instead, he loved to call her an 'inobedient slave', especially when she was arguing, making mistakes, or insisting on having sex 'just one more time'. “I don't think there will be anything laughable,” he added.
“There will be, believe me. But don't dare to laugh, or I'll become truly inobedient slave. I'll cry all night long and you won't sleep because all your efforts to calm me down will be futile.”
The couple, satisfied and relaxed, was lying in the bed, the drow girl

Bullet; Red :iconbunny75:bunny75 :  Eat the roast and drink the gravy. by bunny75
Bullet; Blue :icondamen-story:damen-story :  the cub raidThe scars of the fight with the unknown army are still visible as the gnolls are still licking Their wound and trying to rebuilding their village. they already managed to improve their walls but the village itself wasn’t at any state of rebuilding. Some houses still had to be demolished and rebuild, but the dry season didn’t give them the mud they needed to rebuild. Luckily enough managed most of the gnoll’s to recover from their wounds and started to pick up their daily live and tray to recover their combat skills. Without a warning does a second assault on the village happen. The gnoll’s scrambled together to fight back and notice the they were fighting a completely different force. Sand elves are trying to raid the village but the small force of gnolls seems to do to stronger of the sand elves and they slowly retreated. The gnolls wanted to set a statement by defeating this force till the last man to show that they will not take defeat evens when they are wea
Bullet; Red:iconestragon55:Estragon55  War crimes by Estragon55
:bulletred::iconferchosky:Ferchosky :

Mature Content

Draft Notice by Ferchosky

Bullet; Red :iconkiborg-graph:Kiborg-Graph :  The End Of Two Rival Clans... by Kiborg-Graph
Bullet; Red :iconwalt-marsters:Walt-Marsters :
Bullet; Red :iconkhal941:+:iconalexichabane: Khal941 + alexichabane :  

Mature Content

Ozcura's Revenge! by Khal941

Bullet; Red :iconremnantcomic: +:iconalexichabane: RemnantComic + alexichabane : 

Mature Content

Troll Takedown by alexichabane

Mature Content

Shabazik: Troll Takedown with THE Alexi-C! by RemnantComic

Bullet; Red :iconkanyiko:kanyiko : 

Mature Content

Bogilla's gang of adventurers by kanyiko

Mature Content

Meera the Warrior by kanyiko

Bullet; Blue:iconlarqven:larqven Red versus Blue, the Enemy Point of ViewRed versus Blue, the Enemy Point of View
By Larqven
Fall of Priva, First War of the Power, conclusion at the end of the Battle of Priva, 2203 a.a.H.
The Amazon Queendom of Priva had fallen.  Lydia and Ilana stood, trembling with emotion in their blue trimmed skirts and tinted plate armor, on the wall of their burning city.  They were aghast at what had befallen their civilization and still having a hard time believing it.  On the plain before them, the opposing mass of the red and black armored Helzar had broken into disorganized celebration when the word of the surrender had been issued into their ranks.  A long running battle of archrivals over the fate of the amazon nations had ended, and not in the way that the two soldiers could have ever imagined.  Culminating in the death of Priva’s powerful sorceress-queen Astraea who had been their spiritual leader for almost a century.
Barring the loss of Astraea, it was the speed in which the queendom had colla

Bullet; Blue :iconnaranekiel:Naranekiel  World of Aier's: Demonic PoliticsThe camp is made on the bluffs of the eastern shore of the Enkel. The setting sun gives a faint image on the horizon of the islands of Tok Thoria, Ale, and Poether.
North of the camp is the sea of green, a forest they passed through earlier in the day.
Twenty-two tents have been set up on one of the higher hills by a ravine with a small creek providing fresh water.
The shoreline has a number of caves drilled by the merciless sea. A banner flies in the sea breeze proudly declaring the force part of the armies of Anutka the Hook.
The Captain has failed in his efforts to hunt down the lying Dwarf on his way to Hebonnor.
A number of the slaves be bought from the man were given false providence.
His whereabouts quickly seem to have gotten muddled, no doubt with the help of bribes.
The three sore men have felt their Captain's wrath in a number of combat drills.
A third of them stands watch even now.
The Nukt captain patrols the camp with a lady in each arm.
The men know they would suffer mor

Bullet; Blue :iconhepatizon:Hepatizon :  Return to the SeaAuthor's Notes: Regarding the strange characters in the text, I use click consonants in the names of the merpeople. With the alveolar clicks, written with an exclamation mark, ǃ, the tip of the tongue is pulled down abruptly and forcefully from the roof of the mouth. These sounds can be quite loud. The palatal clicks, ǂ, are made with a flat tongue, and are sharper popping sounds than the ǃ clicks, like sharply snapped fingers.
More author's notes and glossary can be found at the end of the story.
Before the First War of the Power life had begun to creep from the sea to the shore. The histories of Tlann would know it as the Time of Two Kingdoms and also the birth of the High and Low Tide parties, though they wouldn't become influential for several hundred years. But in addition to those, it was the end of the independent Shore People who had established several large ground settlements. The war against the demons forced the life to return to the sea.
But it didn't go
What Water Gave MeAuthor's Notes: Regarding the strange characters in the text, I use click consonants in the names of the merpeople. With the alveolar clicks, written with an exclamation mark, ǃ, the tip of the tongue is pulled down abruptly and forcefully from the roof of the mouth. These sounds can be quite loud. The palatal clicks, ǂ, are made with a flat tongue, and are sharper popping sounds than the ǃ clicks, like sharply snapped fingers.
This is what is known of Velphar the Mermaid Duchess: she led an attack against the mer of the Sahray sea. It's not very well-known story, true, but the Tlannt histories call the offensive the Demon War and the spillover conflict even merited a footnote in the history of the Dark Legion of Demons.
This the stories don't mention: Velphar thought it was a bad idea.
"My prince, there is no shortage of battlefields for us to win," she appealed to Bael in Zünkhongor, a stronghold he had taken from a human tribe in the Central Hieyoks. It wasn'
After LifeAuthor's Notes: Regarding the strange characters in the text, I use click consonants in the names of the merpeople. With the alveolar clicks, written with an exclamation mark, ǃ, the tip of the tongue is pulled down abruptly and forcefully from the roof of the mouth. These sounds can be quite loud. The palatal clicks, ǂ, are made with a flat tongue, and are sharper popping sounds than the ǃ clicks, like sharply snapped fingers.
Author's notes and glossary can be found at the end of the story.
In the underwater kingdom of Hha!nya the mer worshipped their honorable dead, but what was a man to do if he could have no sons? Though a daughter would always worship  her ancestors, her children would be born to the family of their father. When the demoness Velphar drove the Shore People back to the sea, those who sought refugee of Hha!nya found a fate worse than death...
My father was a carpenter. He made beautiful things from wood and I still remember the scent of s
Battle Under Waves by Hepatizon
Bullet; Blue :iconrushvin:rushvin :  Fall of Hortann            The civil war has been brewing for years with elements of the Confederation of Free People fighting to break away. A change happened, and could be for the better, when Satman fell leaving a power vacuum. Two of the largest breakaway states have returned as their leaders to try to take the place of Satman in the Confederation.
            The unholy mountain of Hortann has seen a lot of blood shed in its history. It once was a shining beacon of faiths before the demon armies took it and Satman claimed it as his own. The beautiful temples there were rechristened in the blood of their priests to the demonic lord. The sacrifices kept coming till the First War of Power when the Elven armies shattered the 'impenetrable' fortress it had become. The revival of the demon lords saw Satman retake his throne on the mountain and the blood once more flowed in his name. Now blood

Bullet; Blue:iconpossessediron:PossessedIron : The Demon's adviser. Part one (Contest entry)She hurt all over. The tight ropes bit into her wrists while she could feel the hot blood from the welts on her back dripping down her spine, soaking into her filthy clothes. Her hands were bound to the wooden slats of the swine cage, preventing her from escaping. Beside her oinked and grunted the fat, smelly swine she had been imprisoned with.
"Fuckin pigs" grunted one of her captors, his grubby face illuminated by the firelight. "They kept me up all night wiv' thier squealin' "
"You sure it was the pigs?" laughed the slaver beside him, hacking into a limb of slated pork with a small knife. "Could've been our little whore" the human's beard was long and matted, one eye milky and motionless in its socket.
The four slavers threw glances over at the cage where the Half-Drow had been kept. Around her cage, the motionless bodies of her fellow slaves lay, a mix of drow and human males- all passed out through the drugs that the slavers had forced them to drink. It was easier to make them sle

And the Winners are!

-Drawings/illustrations/paintings/graphic work in general
This one was actually a birthday gift drawing and a collaborative work between :iconremnantcomic: and :iconalexichabane:, but I really love it!

Having a Galaw High Orc facing a small tribe of Ozcuras screams in a beautifully crafted forest, this seems to me to be a scene of the interwar period between the First War of the Power, when the Remnants of the Dark Legions fought for dominance in the lands of Polforia!
Troll Takedown by alexichabane

This one actually put me in a difficult place to decide: I certainly loved some pieces showing the convulted demonic politics, or the comedic short stories which Arnilo often shared with her pics that went along with her collaborative entries with Walt-Marsters...

but in the end, I went for an author who have given body to a whole alien world I have event dared to really explain and fill: the world of a civilization underwater, the Kingdom of Tlann and their merfolk:
The Narrative place goes then for :iconhepatizon: and her entries "Return to the Sea" and "What Waters gave me", that speaks of a rather unknown front of the Wars of the Power: the battles between the Dark Legion and the Tlannt during the First War of the Power

-First Place for the awesome awesomer awesomeness.
As first price, rather than a single entry -and a single person-, it's quite a small novel :iconarnilo: and :iconwalt-marsters: have been doing: under the working title of Around Aiers in Plenty of Chapters, we got to further explore Near Hieyoks during the Second War of the Power, following the trail of a Trelka Ice Witch lady and her unlikely escort of Draconians, who where a race created by Walt-Marsters years ago for other contest.

I invite you to follow them from Draconia to Glacingard, and then all the way to the port of Narivaku!

-here one of the collaborative entries of the many they where, for reference!-
 Around Aiers in Plenty of chapters-chapter 2 by Walt-Marsters
Congratulations :iconarnilo: and :iconWalt-Marsters!!

Many thanks for all the great entries -and the large amounts of patience to me and my extension of dates, extension of dates and longly delayed judgement!!

Thank you all, and I hope you all enjoy these contest entries as much as I did!!

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Artist | Hobbyist
Chile the path of the ones who want to become better artists, storyteller... and finally get better using this damn language of english!

I was thinking on doing a new contest for the 29 November as I do each year (I know I know, I still owe some drawings form last year, hadn't forgotten <___<) but: what theme you would be interested this contest to be about? 

139 deviants said Minions, Mooks and Henchwomen
120 deviants said Fantasy of Aiers (open theme? Specific? comment!)
51 deviants said Sci fi of the Nebula of Ots (open theme? Specific? comment!)
16 deviants said Modern Aiers (open theme? Specific? comment!)
16 deviants said Contest about a specific character (which one? comment!)
7 deviants said Other Idea I may be forgetting and I may add? (comment!)



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