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Commission information:

Referential prices:

20 USD: simple Character bust/face, no background.
25 to 30 USD: more complex works, in black and white

(To more complex commissions -depending of themes, characters, difficulty, number of characters, poses, perspective, complex or tedious armor, blah, etc, designs, more complex backgrounds, archicectural commissions and landscapes, etc- the price will be determined for complexity)

Some conditions:
- All commissions paid via Paypal
- I upload the commission in my gallery, and the commissioner can request a high resolution copy by e-mail.
- In principle, commissions are in black and white, hand-draw, as I'm not allways avaible for colouring or digital colouring. This will mean additional price to the basic drawing -again, depending of the complexity-
- I don't draw things banned from dA, things I'm not comfortable drawing, comics and fan art in general (with some exceptions from work of people I know in internet, or anime-cartoons I like in my own and draw as well. XD)
- I reserve myself the right to accept or not a commission, and I will post it in my dA page. :3
Doubts or interested, send me a note.

What I prefeer to do:
- Original Characters (Fantasy scenarios for the best, then Sci-fi ones a bit less XD)
- themes I draw in my gallery as well XD

Commissions and drawings to do: I don't work completely in a sedule, but from inspiration: I'm quite sorry then for my randomly way of doing commissions.
1.000.000 Pageviews - Thanks! by Shabazik
EDIT 1.12.2014:
Today 1st december 2014, my deviantArt gallery reached 1.000.000 Pageviews!! Many thanks to the Kiriban Hunters Daemoria and kanyiko!!

But as well, to everybody! I know I'm sort of spammy -VERY spammy, as according to dA stadistics, I upload every 0.9 days a new deviation... and with scraps, that's even worse XD-, and that sorts of can be seen, as while I may have 1,000,350 pageviews total, my 56 journals and 1,780 deviations in my gallery were viewed 5,357,450 times... that means, for each visit of my profile, about 5 pics are seen? OUCH XO well, maybe stats would be a bit less painful with the 2,240 scraps? So much spam, as I have only joined dA the 7 March 2010, some 4 years ago more or less!

I watch 192 awesome artists, while 3,955 wonderful deviants watch my dA gallery.

So far, the deviation with the most comments is Castle Raid - Where is Wally?! with 223 comments, while the most favourited one is Captured minions, with 330 favourites. The most viewed deviation is Drow up for Auction with 19,113 views. That shows again how the amount of pageviews it's more due spam than anything else, I would say? XD

For my birthday -and the 1.000.000 pageviews-, I received some 365 gifts in dA which I loved -special thanks to all of you, ladies and gentlemen!-

Here I write a quick journal entry, to give thanks to everybody of you, for the birthday wishes and the awesome gifts:

but as well, for being here in deviantart, and feeding my ego.


Sorry. XD

It's just that as well, while ridiculous -I know- I'm sort of happy of being close to get 1.000.000 pageviews -995.276 at the moment-. I hoped to get the pageviews for my birthday as well, but it wasn't the case -snaps!-

However I can add thought, clearly the ammount of pageviews it's because how spammy I am, uploading almost anything I doodle around, because individually my pics according to dA stats have been about 5,344,528 times: so for every visit to my profile, only 5 times people cared to see what I spam. D'OH. DeviantArt hard hitting numbers XO

So, thanks to everybody!
and here some awesome gifts:
Shik Battle by alexichabaneCaketime by DaemoriaWelcome to the New World by Billie-BonceSqueezing in. by Khal941Happy Birthday Overlord! by ToniBabelonyShabazik: Be Our Guest! by remnantcomicShabazik: What Are YOU Looking At?! by remnantcomicShabazik: Show Us! by remnantcomicShabazik: Paint Me Like One Of Your High Elf Girls by remnantcomicShabazik: Consumer Goods by remnantcomicShabazik: Frisky Shiks by remnantcomicShabazik: That's More Like It! by remnantcomicShabazik: Those Fantastic Fanatics! by remnantcomicShabazik: It's Super Effective! by remnantcomicFor Shabazik - Jako Shik Marissa Lee. by Kiborg-GraphLord Of The Fries by bunny75Elf Selfy by IxisNyxHappy Birthday Shabaik! by IxisNyxHappy Birthday Shabazik from Garageman45 by garageman45Did you hear something? by Kmon22Commies and Ozcura raiders by Kmon22Ozcura P.O.W by Kmon22Millie la Ozcura by FerchoskyDrow Trio 1M PV Celebration -- Inks by larqvenShabazik's birthday present by Walt-MarstersHAPPY BIRTHDAY SHABAZIK !!! by Simpo99Present for Shabazik by Armygeneral13Shik surpise by Toon-Resurrection92Anthony got captured by Shik by mature915Day of Reckoning by dangerfanShik Battle drawing by alexichabaneWelcome to the new world - lines by Billie-BonceSparring by limepubHappy Birthday card for Shabazik by Armygeneral13

Some stuff that aren't gifts, but I hereby claim them as well for myself, because my EGO it's just that big : D
Barbarian warior/temptress Izzy by IxisNyxThe spoiled concubine of the bronze mountain Agnak by IxisNyxStealthy Ozcura Warrior by goeliathFun in The Ruins. by Kiborg-GraphSpoils of the Wolf Seal Huntress by kanyikoJehoshua arrow slinger. by Armygeneral13Aiers Kerg by TheStripelessTigerUrchin Demoness by TheStripelessTiger


and Our wiki

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The Half Elf Mage, The Dwarf Rogue and the Human Bard: Which of these groups of Adventures shoudl join Bog's Adventurers Party? 

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Chile the path of the ones who want to become better artists, storyteller... and finally get better using this damn language of english!



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