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Commission information:

Referential prices:

20 USD: simple Character bust/face, no background.
25 to 30 USD: more complex works, in black and white

(To more complex commissions -depending of themes, characters, difficulty, number of characters, poses, perspective, complex or tedious armor, blah, etc, designs, more complex backgrounds, archicectural commissions and landscapes, etc- the price will be determined for complexity)

Some conditions:
- All commissions paid via Paypal
- I upload the commission in my gallery, and the commissioner can request a high resolution copy by e-mail.
- In principle, commissions are in black and white, hand-draw, as I'm not allways avaible for colouring or digital colouring. This will mean additional price to the basic drawing -again, depending of the complexity-
- I don't draw things banned from dA, things I'm not comfortable drawing, comics and fan art in general (with some exceptions from work of people I know in internet, or anime-cartoons I like in my own and draw as well. XD)
- I reserve myself the right to accept or not a commission, and I will post it in my dA page. :3
Doubts or interested, send me a note.

What I prefeer to do:
- Original Characters (Fantasy scenarios for the best, then Sci-fi ones a bit less XD)
- themes I draw in my gallery as well XD

Commissions and drawings to do: I don't work completely in a sedule, but from inspiration: I'm quite sorry then for my randomly way of doing commissions.

Contest: Forgotten Lands

Edit 2: Extension granted upon note!!

Due the requests of several persons, I will grant an extension of the contest limit until Frida 5 February but no more!!

So far we have stories in the deep waters of the sea of Tok, in the Realms of the Tlannt, and in the Steppes to the north of that sea, of minotaurs and Centaurs. There are dark elven towns in the stoney islands of southern Aels, in the straits to Demonatch Island and of dwarven goatherding clans in the mountains of Uslen...There are tribes of Ozcuras of Polforia and Ushaverican Humans, Darhake ash elves and Demon Keeps in the mountains of Dargoina in Aels...

But what other mysterious stories are hidden in the Forgotten Lands of Aels?

What could be told of the far frozen north of Hieyoks, of the lands of the Ice Giants? Of the Steppes of Central Hieyoks, or the great human empires of the East, like Farsia or the Binese Empire? Of the Kingdoms of the Yokai in the Airuzu archipelago in Hietoks, or the Ogre Hunters of the rainforests of Viborg in Antor? Or the stories hidden in the deep forests of Aels, of Nubla and Bierteno?
The distant Zean, could be something more than a mysterious name?

What about the great Elven cities, of High and Hake elves of Ushaenor? or the realms of the Kanov, in the Zarhuycan shores of the Muhbahr Ocean? Or maybe closer, of cities of the human northwest, or Elferies of grey elves?

Let you imagination fly!

World of Aiers by Shabazik


:bulletred:alexichabane:iconalexichabane:Forgotten Lands (Alternate) by alexichabane

Mature Content

Forgotten Lands by alexichabane

:bulletrblue:Armygeneral13:iconarmygeneral13: : warrior of the Drysetus centaur tribe by Armygeneral13Fields of the Centaurs by Armygeneral13Village of the bullhorn Federation by Armygeneral13Minotaur of the Bullhorn tribal Federation by Armygeneral13
:bulletred:bunny75:iconbunny75::Goddess of Kinnaraya by bunny75
:bulletblue:Daemoria:icondaemoria::Forgotten lands by DaemoriaForgotten Time -WIP- by Daemoria
:bulletred:FrostSinth:iconfrostsinth: : In the Lowlands by FrostSinth
:bulletblue:Hepatizon:iconhepatizon: :

Mature Content

I Will be Remembered by Hepatizon
My Balance! by Hepatizon Rainbow Grove WeddingOn the shores of Zean there grows a forest of rainbow trees, the unique multi-hued bark of which is the most distinctive feature of the tree. Patches of outer bark shed every year at different times, showing inner bark that then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones. In this lovely forest live great many tribes of dryads, in peace among themselves and with the nature.
They had no written language, they built no great kingdoms and in the histories of the elves they merited barely a few footnotes, yet they had a wealth of history, culture and knowledge of the kind that's often difficult to discover. What does it mean to have a spiritual connection to the land and the sky? This is what true joining is among the dryads of the Rainbow Grove.
The spring arrived after long winter and as Faojatjara knew whom her heart had decided upon, she begun to collect plants into her sacred maiden chest. She picked coldleaf for burnt orange, tied them in bundles and ha

:bulletred:Kiborg-Graph:iconkiborg-graph:: COLLAR: The Legend of Two Ozcuro Lovers.COLLAR: THE LEGEND OF TWO OZCURAS IN LOVE
There are legends that arise from actual events – events of war, love, betrayal, forgiveness and peace.
This is one of them.
Not much is known about its actual date, as the documents of the time have got misplaced or destroyed; however, one small record describing the event was obtained – not the original, rather a differently-interpreted copy of a copy of a hand-written copy of the actual document.
The document that has not ever been found. Nevertheless, what you are about to hear, is a sixty-nine percent truth, at the very worst.
And what a beautiful tale it is...
It all happened during a time of a brutal war. The human knights of an influential order were expanding their territories, invading settlements of the forest beings. Neither the gentle elves nor the stubborn dwarves were safe; the order gave them very little choice. Either to pay a huge tax, or to die by the sword. Those, who could pay, did so, but a fate worse await
Our Hidden Love... by Kiborg-Graph
:bulletblue:MorgothMelkor:iconmorgothmelkor:: The BohnunianGeographics
The Bohnunian settlements are located at the middle part of Ushaenor in the great savannah of Asyaa. Their origin lies in the west, past the Eveestian mountain range that also makes their western border. The east is bordered by a small range of coastal area, inhabited by non-Bohnunian people, called the Markeesians, who are well known for their navigation and trading with Zarhuy and Aelsian people, as well as the vanolose.
The Bohnun derived from early humans that were driven out of their motherlands to the east by other humans tribes that fought with them over living grounds. The travelled past the Eveestian mountains, stepping into elven territory but stayed unnoticed until they started to build more and more settlements, closing in to their elven neighbors.
Their heritage was nomadic, but some – mostly women – decided to form settlements while the more active males went on with their travels. The lack of men, due to their nomadic nature and the men lo


Mature Content

Slingers by Sebbaa
Hexen by Sebbaa
:bulletred:rushvin:iconrushvin: : Yeti TribesDeep in the lands of Hieyoks far from the oceans they have gathered. Raw mountains circle around the foot of Spirit mountain. The snows are not deep but food will be scarce this next year in the high mountains.
Younglord the leader of the Thani tribe looked over the encampments. The other tribes were a mess compared to his own.
The old witch comes up, his great aunt, to speak with him. "Pup all this can be yours. I can make it happen."
"Honored spirit talker." Oh he hated to call her by that but he can not call her what he really wants. "The seven other chiefs will not give up their positions and that of their kin for me to lead them. You got the other spirit talkers to agree and force the tribes together."
The older Yeti always looks down at him, as she always seems to. "The lands are harsh and our tribes otherwise would feast on blood without this. My aid will make you grand chief and all will be under our tent."
Younglord turns away so she does not see his eyes narrow over the word
Zean DreamingIt is getting late and the tribe has setup most of the village tents in the camp at the foothills of the mountains in northern Zean. Hunters are returning with a roo they brought down by luck more then skill with their spears.
The last of the 3 ten feet tall totem poles is put in to place by the three strongest men of the group. The pole is a composite of different woods from its crafting to the repairs throughout the generations of the tribe. This one will complete the triad of bestial faced guardians. The group watching cheers feeling a great sense relief at their placement.
One child tugs at the old shaman's dirty bone robes, "Why was everyone so worried?"
the shaman goes to one knee. He might have trouble rising again but looks the child in the eyes. "It is to keep him from taking us in to the Dreaming."
"But why would he take us?"
The old man speaks to the child. Others huddle a bit around even some of the adults. None of them would have asked that questions because it was ingrain
Harpies"Why must I go to see them?" The man bemoans. His body is Elven in build and almost androgynous in looks. The clothes are befitting the court of the demons and are out of place on a path leading up a mountainside. The sun is getting near its zenith. The fine leather is dyed black causing him to sweat a bit. "I could be doing more like watching the Battle Virgins practice. The young ones look delightful trying to fly with barely a scrap of clothes on. Then there are the lovely slaves that know they can not say no to any request."
His companion is built like a Dwarf in heavy plate armor. The armored figure grunts and slashes with its forearm blades slicing another tree limb out of their way.
"At least I could have gotten an Ozcura or two so the nights would be warmer." He looks up hearing a screeching sound. "They finally have spotted us. It should not be too long now."
The armored figure shifts and removes more foliage from the spot they are on. This has cleared a rock that the man sits
Demonkeep    The bedroom is well appointed and secure with an iron bound door. The walls are of cut stone nearly smooth to the touch at the joints with a wooden frame. Two candles give a minor glow illuminating the darkness of the room. A canopy bed dominates the room and has the blue drapes closed giving the occupants privacy. At the foot of the bed has a scarred chest with a heavy black lock on it. To one side of it is an armor stand with only a helmet on it. The suit strewn on the floor with a few articles of female clothes amongst the metal. There are a number of weapons behind the armor rack on the wall. The other side of the room has a cabinet with one door open showing a small array of men's clothes in it
    The knocking at the chamber door is annoying.
    A male Kanov stirs in the bed. The body is well muscled with a number of minor scar. His right hand has a missing finger. He rubs his small beard as he tries to go back to sleep.
Sinture Darhake Darkness    The first sign of fall is coming to Polforia. The heat of the summer is breaking and this evening is cool. The few clouds leave most of the sky open to view.
    The four travelers on Kazaaks have ridden hard and the cloaks they wear are mud splattered. The destination is ahead and many of them do not care for what they see.
    The village is not much more the a dozen mud hovels surrounded by a low wall. With evening the only place that has much noise is the tavern in the center of the village. There are a few villagers out but they seem to be heading home for the night. They are a mixed bunch mostly of Kanov with a few Ozcura.
    The chipped sign on the tavern has just a mug painted on it. The ill-fitting shutters gleam with the light from inside. The sound  of low talking is heard from within as the travelers stop at it.
    Three of them go in with one watching the reptiles.
Diplomancy and the Sea 
            The sea of Tok is mild today. The wind is coming up from the south with only minor clouds in the sky.
            Wilk is dressed in his mail armor. The mix blood Kanov is well in to his fourth decade of life. At his waist are two short blade longer the a dagger yet not quite swords.
            Wilk looks out from the deck of the Vulture. The converted merchantman is in the middle of the Legion's flotilla.
            The Nigromante was the main naval force for the Dark Legion for a century  in the sea of Tok and now they are against him. The Bazrrod has betrayed them and now they are out to put him in his place.
            Ahead the few Gorbegean  heavy wargalleys they have are facing

:bulletblue:turnip007:iconturnip007::Tuka - Forgotten lands by turnip007Biseriun - Forgotten lands contest by turnip007

Aiers: despise my best efforts -and of many friends, as larqven!-, much of Aiers are still unknown lands, defined almost only by a name and some short lines, lost within my deviantArt gallery and the Aiers wikia -… -: they have a place in Aiers and in it's story, but mostly are forgotten or barely mentioned.

The idea of the contest will be to "visit" parts of Fantasy Era Aiers that we hadn't "visited" in my stories and drawings, or maybe only in a superficial way: regions that are only a name or are even unnamed, kingdoms and realms that have but a couple of phrases written about them!

The contest, which will have as a final date for the submissions the 29 January 2016, will be related as said with the Fantasy Era of Aiers.

But: What is the Fantasy Era of Aiers?

First of all, to make this clear: Aiers is my fantasy setting and world, where most of my stories are set,
The Fantasy Era is basically the Age before the Modern Age, which begins in Aiers with The Cataclysm, which reshaped the world.

The Fantasy Age of Aiers can be divided in pre-human Aiers -before the Apparition of Humanity- and After the Apparition of Humanity: roughly then, from prehistory to the end of the middle ages in our own world!

for further information, you can visit the Aiers wiki or some of the following maps:

Evolution of Aiers:…
-----Pre-human Aiers------Human Aiers --------Modern Aiers------
Aiers before Humanity by ShabazikMap of Aiers by ShabazikMap of Aglomoco by Shabazik

The 'Forgotten Lands' Contest

For this contest, the theme will be the Forgotten Lands of Aiers during the Fantasy Age: The Forgotten lands be interpreted as the ones that I hadn't extensively shaped out in my stories in deviantArt, or at least you think deserve more attention!

Aside of that, you basically have the freedom to do almost anything in your imagination, within he context of what happen in a world: the only limitation would be, that it can be identified as part of the Fantasy Age of Aiers.

In such wide context, you can do as you want: only as examples:

- Do you want to create a new nation from lands that hadn't been named? Or instead to give a meaning to what until now only had been an empty name? A Dryad Kingdom in the deserts of Zean? A Dwarven mine, deep deep down in Kazrrad? the Kanov realms of eastern Zarhuy? A Human-settled state in Outregam in Polforia? A long lasting empire, lost in the sands of time, or a shortlived state lost in the past?

- Or instead, do you want to draw, write or tell the story of a character, setting them in these forgotten lands? as a character of your creation, or of one of my characters of Aiers?

You can choose!

A bit more about the limitations:
- In case you created a nation or faction for previous contests of Aiers, you can further work on it -specially if it can receive some more love! Be the lands of the Dannu, Valknyria or others!

- In case you want to use your own original character, you should adapt him/her to be part of Aiers, not that just popped up without reason from earth, your own fantasy setting and so on. You can always ask me in case of doubt!.

- You can not use characters of movies, animation, games, published books, roleplay games, etc, unless you are the original creator. If you want to use for example, your original character from a computer game or from a fan art/fan fiction you have done or similar, you need to adapt it like in the previous case, like he/she was native of Aiers.

- if you want to do a parody of characters, or a style or genre, you can do so... but as long as it can be identified as related to the world of Aiers I have being creating.

Entries to the Contest

Each person can enter as many entries they want, and these entries can be either graphical (traditional and digital drawings, artisan crafts, photos, mixed media photomanipulations (yuck), comics, Digital renders, etc) or narrative (stories, texts, poems, etc). There is no limit to the content -except of course, of same limits of deviantart.-

Personally, I like the mix of graphic + narrative, as seen in most of my gallery... but each one have his own style!

The entries MUST be in deviantart and not in other internet sites (personal blogs, tumblr, facebook, furafinity, etc, etc) and they should be done for the contest.

To make an entry, you must post a link to the entry to this journal, and I will add there the thumbs of the existing entries.

The entry must be a new work, done for this contest.

Entries so far: PLEASE people who already had done a entry re-post it here!! I had made a list somewhere and I lost it, and I know there was already some 3 or so participants!!! : U


The contest will be held between the 20 November 2015 until the 30 January 2016, and the entries can be send anytime between this time. The 30 January 2016 (Chilean timezone) Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -4 hours , it will be closed.

This give you a month for an entry in the contest!! Noes!

Winners, judges and prizes

I'm going to give as prizes drawing requests -under the same restrictions that the commissions-! -yay!-
and as well, features in journals. -I'm so, so cheap!-.

To determine the winners, I will be despotic, and I will be the only one to determine the winners. I will do this instead of polls, votes and juries, because I have seen some problems related to this on deviantart.

There will be prizes for:

-First Place for the awesome awesomer awesomeness. As I'm the judge, I'm afraid I'm subjetive. This prize can be digitally coloured, or manually, if the winner prefeer over lineart.

-Drawings/illustrations/paintings/graphic work in general For the graphic entry I think is the better from the completely subjetive point that is my judgement.

-Narrative for the best narrative -written or in comic-, again, from my subjective point of view.

- Nation for the entry that I feel developes more in an interesting way (but within Aiers) a Nation, be an existing but underdeveloped one, or a new one!

- Setting for the entry that presents both an interesting and more original setting (in my opinion), within the context of Aiers during the fantasy age!

- Best of...
... Zarhuy!
... Ushaenor!
... Aels!
... Kazrrad!
... Hieyoks!
... Zean!

Attention! An entry can win more than one prize so they can be acumulative.

As well, I make a call and ask for people, that are willing to "donate" prizes to make the contest more interesting -such as requests and such- to please do so!

If you are willing to help, you can choose to which prize you would want to "cooperate". thanks in beforehand!

With all of this being said: Many thanks in beforehand for anybody willing to be part of this contest! And if not, many thanks for reading this useless journal!

Any questions, try to contact me in the chatroom of the world of Aiers… or send me a note in dA, or ask in this journal

Bye, and good luck!

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I want to do my yearly contest with term of the 29 November, but it would mean only one month for an entry... would you participate, despise of this? If you would like to participate: which of the following themes? 

46 deviants said Yes, in a contest of Science Fiction and -shiks!- of Ots!
41 deviants said Yes, in a contest of the Fantasy Age in general of Aiers!
10 deviants said Yes, in a contest of the Second War of the Power!
9 deviants said Yes, but in a contest of other theme -comment: which one?-
7 deviants said Yes, in a contest centered around one character -comment: which one?-



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