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October 24, 2013
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72nd Galawonnor rifles by Shabazik 72nd Galawonnor rifles by Shabazik

Battle of Zvybach, Purpurian Plains, Calintropian Empire. Third Cretorian-Calintropian War, 3015 a.a.H

“What is this?” asked surprised the Calintropian Officer to other, as he ridded across the lines where the regiments prepared for the battle.

“Militia. Skirmishers of the 72º Galawonnor Rifles Regimnent” answered the second Imperial Officer.

“I can see as well the name in their banner… but I mean: why do we have some pointy ears barbarians there? This is a human war” said disgusted the first officer, looking down to the skirmishers and militias of the 72nd Regiment.

“Galawonnor is a department with a significant elven and orc population” said the first one. “So of course, when the department governor was ordered to raise a regiment, these were put into service. If they are living in our glorious empire, they have to fight as well for it!”

“Still I don’t like the idea.” Mumbled the other officer, as they ridded away.

It was a cold morning in the purpurian plains, as dozens of thousands of Calintropian soldiers moved to their positions in the battle line. In the distance, the armies of the Tork Sultan of Cretor advanced for battle, with the column of smoke of the burned city of Svyzbach raised in the horizon.

Among the militiaelves of the 72nd Galawonnor Rifles, they waited for the orders of their human officers to advance. As always, they would be send in the first line, to harass the enemy as they advance, before moving to the flanks.

“I don’t know why we even are here. This isn’t our war”. While for the Calintropian Empire, Galawonnor have been part of the empire for generations, it wasn’t the case for the mountain elves.

“It’s always the same. Nobody really consider you to be a Calintropian, until the Calintropian needs you” complained other. They where speaking in their own language, which was banned by the human officers, but it was better to be reprimanded for speaking in other language, that speaking against the Empire.

“You know what I don’t like? How these human uniforms seem to becoming more plain and boring in each war.”

“I swear” said an old elf. “I swear, that in the next war or two, we will be using something as if we are grass, mud or trees. Before we at least had more shiny decorations in our uniforms. Now only bright coloured uniforms! What a shame!! These humans have no sense of fashion at all… You younglings know nothing either!” the old elf said. “In the days of the Third war of the Power… these where days! These were wars!! And the wars after the cataclysm! How colorful and nice our uniforms where, with the feathers of and uniforms of all the colour of the rainbow!! That was an impressive sight!

But now, battle is only smoke and lead: smoke and lead!”

“It’s annoying as well how humans keep changing their stupid wars” said other elf. “I mean, every 40 years or so, they change everything!”

“In the old times, you learned how to fight, and that lasted centuries!” said the old elf. “Now while the principles are the same, they keep changing weapons and tactics… and the uniforms are becoming more and more plain!”

They heard then the mighty roar of the cannons in the distance. The battle was beginning. Two companies of orc fusilers of the 72º Galawonnor passed by the side of the elven skirmishers, before they where ordered by their human commander, to shut up and advance.

“For the Emperor!”

During the modern age of Aiers, after the cataclysm and before the contemporary times, almost all of the independent non-human nations disappeared, becoming these peoples, minorities among human nations, often viewed as second class citizens, or as mere inhabitants of human realms, rather than citizens.

To elven communities, the quick advances that followed the agrarian revolution, the human demographic expansion and posterior first industrial revolution, where all seen as sudden changes, happening at a sickening speed. This will only get even worse with the second industrial revolution, but eventually, elves will learn to follow, and became a successful part, of the highly dynamic human expansion, entering in they same logics.

more propaganda! yay. XD Propaganda for the :iconworld-of-aiers: contest!! This is, as there is still one week until the deadline, 31 October 2013: so please participate!

the contest is:: Aiers in the Modern Era.

The Modern Era in Aiers

Timeline of the World of Aiers

In Aiers, the Modern Era is the time period between the Cataclysm, the Horizont Event that happened at the 2675 a.a.h, that marks the end of the fantasy age, and beginning of the Modern World, an era that will end with the Fifth World War of Aiers, at the 3336 a.a.H.

In these 661 years, there was the post-cataclysmic chaos; the new era of discovery, a revival of the world emerging from the ruins of the Third War of the Power: the Modern era, the Agrarian Revolution, the First and Second Industrial Revolutions, the contemporary era and finally the beginning of the space age and first steps leaving the Cradle World of Aiers, into the final frontier: the space.

Not all the world of Aiers developed at the same, as historical timelines unfolded differently. By the Industrial age, however, due to extensive world trade and human colonization, the histories of most civilizations had become significantly intertwined.

It was during this time, that the Great Demon Lords dissapeared after the cataclysm, and with them, the Dark Legion of Demons: It was in this time, that humans became the hegemonic power of Aiers, and that due the demographic growth, the most populous specie for long. But as well, this is where the other peoples of Aiers survived in a more and more human world, after their world was in ruins...

So: what happened after the Cataclysm? What had come after the end? What nations raised, and which ones falled? How did the non-humans and humans interacted with each other? And with the new technologies?

The Contest

For this contest, your entry must be set in the World of Aiers, in any moment of the Modern Era. Aside of that, you basically have the freedom to do almost anything in your imagination, within he context of what happen in a world: the only limitation would be, that it can be identified as part of Aiers.

In such whide context, you can do as you want: To describe in a pic the chaos and confusion that followed the cataclysm, to write a story of some werewolves hiding among human villagers. The colonial wars and the fall of non-human kingdoms, or precisely, the survival of the non-humans in a more human world, invent nations, wars and kingdoms filling gaps in the story, designing uniforms, creating cultures, writing a story of the first clones of Hettichslaven, or elves in modern times and clothes.... the imagination is the only limit!

A bit more about the limitations:
- In case you want to use your own original character, you should adapt him/her to be part of Aiers, not a "dimensional or time traveler". Basically, consider like they where born and raised in Aiers.

- You can not use characters of movies, animation, games, published books, roleplay games, etc, unless you are the original creator. If you want to use for example, your original character from a game like WoW/Skyrim/anything else/ or from a fan art/fan fiction you have done or similar, you need to addapt it like in the previous case, like he/she was native of Aiers.

- if you want to do a parody of characters, or a style or genre, you can do so... but as long as it can be identified as related to the world I have being creating.

- If you are going to do an entry related to some of my "asimilated from dA multiverse" realms from other deviants who have cooperated with the setting of the #World-of-Aiers, you can do it, but state the original creators, and use them in the "adaptations" I have done. You can incorporate as well new "kingdoms" to Aiers, but please try to make them related to my world, so it can be identified as a part of them.

Entries to the Contest

Each person can enter as many entries they want, and these entries can be either graphical (traditional and digital drawings, artisan crafts, photos, mixed media photomanipulations (yuck), comics, coat of arms, Digital renders, etc) or narrative (stories, texts, poems, etc). There is no limit to the content -except of course, of same limits of deviantart.-

Personally, I like the mix of graphic + narrative, as seen in most of my gallery... but each one have his own style!

The entries MUST be in deviantart and in the group of #World-of-Aiers and not in other internet sites (personal blogs, tumblr, facebook, elfwood, furafinity, etc, etc) and they should be done for the constest.

To make an entry, you must post a link to the entry to this journal, submit it to the group :iconworld-of-aiers: and It will add there the thumbs of the existing entries.

The entry must be a new work, done for this contest.


The contest will be held between the 30 September 2013 until the 31 October 2013: it's one month of time and the entries can be send anytime between this time. The 31 October 2013 (Chilean timezone) Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -4 hours , it will be closed.

This give you one month for an entry in the contest!!

<fb>Winner, judges and prizes</font> </b>

To determine the winners, they will be decided by me -:iconshabazik:-, but with the judgement as well of a selected jury -originally, I would like :iconkanyiko: and :iconlarqven:, the cofounders, to be a part of it... but I would love as wel them to participate!-

The prizes will be drawing requests from :iconshabazik:, under the same restrictions that I do commissions-!
and as well, features in journals. If somebody else want to donate a request of drawings as prize, dApoints and such, is more than welcomed-

There will be prizes for:

-First Place. This prize can be digitally coloured, or manually, if the winner prefeer over lineart.
-Second Place. In scanned lineart or black and white
-Third Place a character portrait upon request.

Attention! Some of the criteria to select the winners will be not only in the technich or style of the entry, but as well, for understanding of the World of Aiers, how well the entry fit in the setting, and for it's originality.

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ever played arcanum ? its a good mix of elves,dwarves, half-orcs and steampunk.
Shabazik Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist
no arcanum!
aw, i keep forgetting
SultanOfAwesomeness Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This story really shows how the elves have been brought down,being conscripted to serve in human they're always sent in first shows how much humanity (or at least this empire) looks down on the elvish peoples as a whole. Great work, but also kinda sad. D:
Shabazik Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist
Allrigth, I was trying to resist the frustration of notb being able to be part of the contest because of my scanner, but looking at this...
I need that scanner. NOW.

PD: Shazabik, crees en la posibilidad de la existencia del esquivo loranor rosa? (si sabes a que me refiero...)
Shabazik Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist
La pantera rosa? XD
Armygeneral13 Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I should put more elves in my drawings
Shabazik Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist
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