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October 30, 2013
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Aenian Pilot by Shabazik Aenian Pilot by Shabazik

A space mech Nikopol A1 Aenian Pilot from one of the LCP -Paternic Free Colonies- Colonial Militias, from Paternostria.

An Aenian is the name to Artificial Elves, or clones of elves. Once clonation technology was being developed, some ONG funded by elves in Aiers had seen this as an oportunity to give a new chance to the elven races, beginning large investigations for this purpose. While it wasn't easy, finally this was achieved, and elves ensured that as well elven DNA will be in stock in several ark projects in some of the missions sended to the Nebulosa of Ots.

After the Fifth World War of Aiers and the loss of contact with the Aiers Cradleworld, some very hard initial decades were lived by the aierian survivors, before they could settle and begin building their own, new home worlds.

As the situation settled down, elves living in the new ostarian human nations, looked to space and thought they could colonize some new worlds, to give the elven races a new world, only for them, and a new destiny.

From the initiative of Viccen Aen and the Aen Fundation, he contracted Kasparov CIA for the terraformation of a world for elfkind, while GENTEK cloned from either DNA samples -or reconstructed from the DNA of humans with elven ancestors- elves.

These elves will be known then as Aenian, for the Aen Fundation, and this first, neo-elven nation in the nebulosa of Ots, will be called Aenor.

Aenor will be later become a member state of the LCP, Paternic Free Colonies, an alliance of colonial worlds to avoid being annexed by the large empires -but which where eventually dragged to the wars of Ots.- Since then, aenian began to migrate to other nations, and fund new colonies, existing important Aenian minorities in the RFB and the Galactic Union of Nations.

The Aenian became a general term to any aierian-elf (of any of the elven races), even to other artificial elves that weren't from the Aen Fundation. Neither was done a distinction between cloned elves, or sons and daughters of these cloned elves, being all called Aenian.

As well, the term was used to differentiate Aierian-elves -the Aenian- and the Otsarian-elves -the Lorran-

The Aenian of the LCP

Aside of Aenor, due the succesful results of the clonation of Aenian, the government of Paternostria -the acting "capitol world" of the confederation of planets and national governments of the LCP decided to change the stock of their cloned population from artificial humans to artificial elves:

Because of this, the Aenian will become the mayority of population in Paternostria (117.13): out of the 470,000,000 inhabitants, 400,000,000 where aenian elves, and other 600,000,000 will be cloned among the LCP: 1,000,000,000 of LCP elves, number that they never had before.

However, some aierian elves, and several elven organizations and companies began to question the culture and the Paternostrian Aenian Elves: As they where cloned by and for a human government, while they weren't to be servants or second class citizens -as some oppositors of the LCP claimed-, with many "parents" making elven clones with their genetical material and elven one to have an "eternal descendence", other elves critized the Paternostrian aenian culture of being basically just pointy eared humans.

The Paternostrian aenians resented this, and began to develop their own culture. But a culture their elven ancestors and other aenian seemed as inferior.

Specially their "elfpop" music. The other elves feeled insulted it even was called "elf"pop music, being "paternostrian crap".

The clothes are inspired in ones of many animes, but none specific. :3 Much of Martian Successor Nadesico pilot suits, but as well other animes which names I have forget.

EDIT 6.11.2013 Added 3 variants as Premium content, for 10 dApoints!

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DaLintyMan Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Sooo... This person looks familiar...…
Yeah, about like that.
Shabazik Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist
Nice comics! :la:

Didn't know there where "space elves" in starcraft -or are them an orginal creation of the artists who make these comics?-

I see the similarities, but I hadn't seen that artist in dA before -my references for the creation of this character have more to do with some of the series of Macross, as Macross 7 and Macross Frontier, the anime Nadesico -was that the name?- and other more- :3
DaLintyMan Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Original creation.
Oh, and the setting is Star WARS. ;) Not Starcraft.
Shabazik Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist
sorry, slipped my mind -jedis obviously are Star wars XO-
wardude69 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013
nice suit
Shabazik Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist
theubbergeek2 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
Le Prince Actarus/Duke Fleed approved :3

Super Robot Taisen - Aiers Densetsu XD
Shabazik Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist
theubbergeek2 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
KO-Corral Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
I think I prefer the Black Guard, but there's something very Tron-Apple-Wall-E about the Norodor one! X3
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