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October 29, 2013
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Aenian Underdark Tecnologies Inc. by Shabazik Aenian Underdark Tecnologies Inc. by Shabazik

A Beta Line worker aenian Drow from Underdark Tecnologies Inc.

An Aenian is the name to Artificial Elves, or clones of elves. Once clonation technology was being developed, some ONG funded by elves in Aiers had seen this as an oportunity to give a new chance to the elven races, beginning large investigations for this purpose. While it wasn't easy, finally this was achieved, and elves ensured that as well elven DNA will be in stock in several ark projects in some of the missions sended to the Nebulosa of Ots.

After the Fifth World War of Aiers and the loss of contact with the Aiers Cradleworld, some very hard initial decades were lived by the aierian survivors, before they could settle and begin building their own, new home worlds.

As the situation settled down, elves living in the new ostarian human nations, looked to space and thought they could colonize some new worlds, to give the elven races a new world, only for them, and a new destiny.

From the initiative of Viccen Aen and the Aen Fundation, he contracted Kasparov CIA for the terraformation of a world for elfkind, while GENTEK cloned from either DNA samples -or reconstructed from the DNA of humans with elven ancestors- elves.

These elves will be known then as Aenian, for the Aen Fundation, and this first, neo-elven nation in the nebulosa of Ots, will be called Aenor.

Aenor will be later become a member state of the LCP, Paternic Free Colonies, an alliance of colonial worlds to avoid being annexed by the large empires -but which where eventually dragged to the wars of Ots.- Since then, aenian began to migrate to other nations, and fund new colonies, existing important Aenian minorities in the RFB and the Galactic Union of Nations.

The Aenian became a general term to any aierian-elf (of any of the elven races), even to other artificial elves that weren't from the Aen Fundation. Neither was done a distinction between cloned elves, or sons and daughters of these cloned elves, being all called Aenian.

As well, the term was used to differentiate Aierian-elves -the Aenian- and the Otsarian-elves -the Lorran-

Underdark Technologies Inc.

Underderdark Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UTI) is a Mega corporation founded originally on the world of Aiers by the Drow business mastermind Alice Du'Cain, in a subsidied proyect by Ozeancik to develop new maná-based technologies.

The corporation started off as a tech firm developing advanced neural interfaces and computing devices.However, it would not be long before the company diversified.

By the time of Alice's death -as she was unfortunately on a meeting on Aiers, near the end of the Fifth World War- the company assets in Aiers where destroyed -as was thought to have been destroyed Aiers itself in that war.-

However, the several divisions of it that where acting within some of the surviving colonies and spaceship, where dealing with a wide variety of sciences.

As the situation slowly normalized, and the refugees and survivors from what was thought the destruction of Aiers settled down in new worlds, UTI was back to business, and the biggest sections were the advanced computer technologies and the bio-sciences divisions.

As Alice's daughter Lisandra took over the reigns of the company the company began it's biggest project to date, the acquisition and settling of the world Negee, named after a patron diety of one of the last great drow empires before the cataclysm that destroyed much of the old world: the idea was that, in space, rebuild an independent drow nation.

It was on this world that UTI began working to establish it's control over a unique market: namely first, the one of clonation of many aierian non-human races that they had samples of. The second is that, according to surviving records and some legends, the Du'Cain family was directly related to a legendary mercenary.

Thus,UTI began raising and training a vast mercenary force with the intent to sell it's services to the highest bidder. And while most other worlds and corporations were content to produce vast numbers of clones,UTI took a different approach. As part of the process of setting up their new world, UTI recruited not just from the small drow populations but also the surviving ozcura populations, as Lisandra sensed an unrealized potential in the orcish race.

UTI then began genetically modifying the colonists, who were essentially slaves to the corporation, with the intent to give drow a dramatically higher birth rate and ozcuras a greater ability for organization.The results were astounding.

It took years, but eventually UTI scientists made breakthroughs that letthem increase the fertility rate and lessen the gestational time length in drow.

This led to breeding programs to increase the population of Negee as fast as possible. Another breakthrough would give ozcura's a greater sense of discipline, but at the cost of a slower birth rate.  As a side product of the research, UTI began a newbranch of business, genetically engineered cloned elves and ozcuras for the market.

As mega corporations go, UTI is less interested incrushing it's competition than securing it's niche in the cosmos, and promoting the spread of the perfected drow race and founding a small empire among the stars. All acquisitions were made through negotiation for uninhabited worlds, or the conquest of rival worlds that had attacked UTI.

While Underdark Technologies Inc. is a corporation set in the Nebulosa of Ots by :icondark-sigurd:, nedless to say that for me, some of the greater inspirations for "space elves", specially dark elves, is from Drowtales, one of the side stories from Daydream called Space Age. <(^-^)>

As well was other webcomic, Outsider, and one of the 90's series and OVA's of Macross, -Macross 7 I think? Not my tastes, but who had a planet there with some unexplained pointy eared colonists-

I didn't knew until much later, about the "space elves" of Warhammer 40 K thought.

I will be colouring this. No mature tag in this case because she is wearing a bodysuit.

EDIT 30.10.2013 Coloured!! When I have better access to internet, will add as premium content some 9 variants of colours. :3

EDIT 6.11.2013 Premium Content Included, which have the variants of Drow personel (and a light elf) of the UTI, for 10 dApoints!
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