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August 19, 2013
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Being the slave of a big house surely is nice by Shabazik Being the slave of a big house surely is nice by Shabazik

Larylene sighed, not sure what to do.

She had been dragged around by her mistress Maltree to the house of councilwoman Dahl'Arak to bring there a cart filled with surface vegetals and groceries, and after leaving them in the kitchen, Mistress Maltree and the priestess Dahl'Arak locked in one of the rooms of the house. She didn't know what they where doing, but for the things her mistress made her carry in the bag, she guessed they where training. Training for what, she didn't know.

And there, she didn't had anything to do...

While some slaves of the house had been moving here and there, in the boring wait -and she didn't know for how long-, Larylene began to shuffle throught the room where she was.

It was then, when she found a wardrobe, with several clothes. She looked with respect the stockings, mark of a citizen, and the feared white coat of a priestess... but in general, they looked like old, unused clothes, as the part of the house were she was waiting.

She found as well, a bunch of uniforms. Slave uniforms, of the house of Dahl'Arak.

She looked around, and at her own clothes. Her same old uniform of when she was the slave of the Temple of the Goddess of love, Jabharil, that she have washed one time after other... and while she wasn't anymore a slave of the cult of the flower, she had keep these clothes as her mistress Maltree hadn't given her any uniform or clothes of her own house.

Of course she can't, Larylene thought to herself. Her mistress didn't even had a house! Neither a name, she was only a foreigner spy, that she was unlucky enough to end serving too.

Nobody was coming her way, and she didn't know how much she had to wait...

Why not?

She undressed then of her uniform, and picking one slave uniform of the house of the Dahl'Arak, she weared it. She then put on her the irons in her neck, and finally, the last touch:

"Being the slave of a big house surely is nice" she thought, as she put on the headband of the Dahl'Arak. She wished that instead an old acolytal family were their masters, rather than a foreigner adventurer without name our house.

"What are you doing?!" said an autoritary voice behind Larylene.

She turned, and scared, she recogniced, terrified, Bruh'la Sard Bruh'la Sard. Bruh'la Sard was a fierce task mistress: an old drow slave of the Dahl'Arak house who specialized in managing and especially in training new slaves, and she knew her from when Captain Lo'Kee bring her around, to train three captured Fanatics of the Cult of the Flower into slaves.

"Nothing!" Larylene said. She quickly realized the headband was still in her head, and taked it off.

Bruh'la yanked Larylene from the ear, and dragged her behing her. "That hurts!" Larylene protested.

"And will hurt more!" Bruh'la Sard tainted. "As we bring you to Mistress Dahl'Arak and your owner! They send me to fetch you, and look how I find you!"

"I was only playing around! Please!" begged Larylene, knowing it was useless to do it with Bruh'la. She only wanted something nice to wear!

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I think I am becoming desensitized to cute girls, because at first my attention only went to the sparkles over her head and the very cool sculpture behind her! <X D
Shabazik Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist
Noooooooooooooo D:>
Which slave master is foolish enough to let slaves learning even bases of the Arcane skills? DX
Larylene has the "magic" of wishful thinking! ;)
Shabazik Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist
Nobody! D:!
Oh, so intriguing, taking into account that the slaves are not always allowed to wear any panties... :drool:
I wonder how the stuff reflects in polished floors of that rich and luxury house ;) 
Armygeneral13 Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
0-0 that would be a mess!! especially during these times when hygienic womanly products don't even exist!
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