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February 23, 2013
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Class experiment by Shabazik Class experiment by Shabazik

"So we have a visitor today!" said the Professor, a very, very, very old High elf wizard, to the classroom, as he saw the uncomfortable orcmourlicoun leaf elf dryad. "We don't get many visits here... would you want to present yourself, please?" he said.

Quiebrahuesos didn't wanted to speak in front of all these pointy-ears, but the mother of Manwë gave a look to her, saying with it that she must answer the university professor.

"I'm... I'm Quiebra-Quirwen Wallae, I mean."

The old elven professor looked at Quiebrahuesos. "And if you don't mind me asking, you are....?"

"A Leaf Elf. A Dryad." She said.

"It have been centuries since the last time I see a dryad!" said the elven professor. "Surely you kind have grown in the last centuries!"

"I'm an Oak-dryad" Quiebrahuesos mumbled, wanting to dissapear from the class. Really, she didn't liked here at all!

"Could you please come forward?" asked then the Professor.

"I don't want to!" quickly refused Quiebrahuesos.

"Please!" said the high elf professor, choired by all the class. Gawiel -her mother-in-law- quicked her under the table.

Quiebrahuesos sighed, and walked to the front of the classroom.

She really was wondering why.

The professor pointed her to stand in front of what Quiebrahuesos would describe as a shiny-floaty-ball-thing.

"... As I was saying" the professor spoke to the class "And as all you know, if you have made so far in this semester of the class, and where giving some attention to the class, in the world, we are surrounded by maná, or energy.

For most of the creatures and monsters, this world-energy exists, but they can, with luck, only feel it, and can't do anything with it. This it's the case with humans, orcs, kanov, dwarves and other lowly creatures of such, that we don't really care in this class.

However, there exist several maná-bearing creatures, who aren't just surrounded by the maná world-energy, but have as well a maná aura, their own energy, that interact. Maná and aura interact with each other, and it's part of the normal flow of energy.

In this second group of maná-bearing creatures, it's where we, the elves, are. All the elfkind, the Dragons and the Demons composs this group.

For most of the individuals of the maná-bearing group, this hability of interaction of the maná of the world-energy, and the aura-energy, happens in a subconsious level, having long lasting effects in the life of the elf -or the dragon, or the demon-, but the individual can't manipulate it.

If you want, this it's what we can call an innate magic.

But, some maná-bearing creatures, with a specially powerful aura -naturally, or with much studies-, can reach the point of manipulating their own and the world world energy: the aura and the maná.

This it's what we call magic" the professor said. "This 'magic' isn't what the lesser creatures and monsters -as these humans- call magic, that's in their case it's as far the High Elven Magic Science have studied, only wiles, ignorance, tricks or myths.

We speak here of real manipulation of energy, with material and tangible effects."

he turned then to the confused Quiebrahuesos, who really didn't know at all what all of that had to do with her, or why she was in front of the class.

"Have you any experience with magic, dear Ms. Wallae?"

Quiebrahuesos take a moment to remember that was her fake leaf-elven surname. "Magic?" She thought when she was the shaman-helper in her tribe. Before she sort of burn down the sacred totems, and angered the spirits. "Sure!" she said then.

"Please put the hands in the charger."

Quiebrahuesos didn't understood what he meant, but the pointy-earz pointed the shiny-floaty-ball-thing, so she put her hands there.

"Ouch!" she said surprised, as she received a small discharge. "That's normal" said the High elf professor, before making her put the hands again on the shiny-floaty-ball-thing.

The professor keep taking to the class then.

"As said, only the maná-bearing creatures can do what we understand as magic. And it's not easy, to go from our innate, natural magic, to control the flow of energy of the world maná and our auras. That's why, to become a magic-user, it's needed much training, studies. And the innate hability, as well." he pointed then to Quiebrahuesos and the shiny-floaty-ball-thing.

"Here, we have a Charger. Some materials are better conductor of maná, and some are worse. For example, within the metals, gold, silver and copper -among others- are good magic confuctors. Meanwhile, iron isn't conductor of magic.
The Charger here it's done of some hyper-conductive materials, and it's used mostly to test the maná-manipulating capability of the individual."

A high elf student raised an arm. "For what?" she asked. At least Quiebrahuesos thought she was a she.

"The Charger serves to see if we can teach a person to manipulate maná. Some elves doesn't have such capability, or only one too weak. So to not loss the University time, we test before if the person had aptitudes for magic.
The charger charge the aura of the test subject with maná energy, and as liberated, it will make a flash of light.
The stronger the flash of light, the stronger the magic aptitude. And the weaker it is, the weaker it's the magic aptitude.

Here, we will test the capability of Ms. Wallae here to manipulate the Maná. Be warned! Dryads are some of the more powerful natural innate maná users, so I warn you all, the flash surely can be quite blinding!"

Other elf raised his arm. His? Her? Quiebrahuesos was almost sure he...she... was a male?

"What would happen if a non-maná-bearing creature uses a Charger? Like... a dwarf? or a beast-men? Or an orc?"

"It will happen nothing." said dismissively the Professor. "Any elf, even if he can't manipulate maná at all, will have some reaction to the charger. These beasts?! Absolutely nothing!".

"Nothing at all?" asked other pupil.

The High elf professor raised his shoulders. "Maybe if they have some maná-bearing ancestors... like a demon forefather, or an elven grandparent. But otherwise, nothing".

As Quiebrahuesos heard this, she got nervous. -They where to discover her!!- she thought fearful. When the Shiny-Floaty-Ball-Thingy doesn't make anything, everybody will know she it's an orc! What will they do then?!... She wondered, how many she will be able to smack before they take her down. She was an orc. Surely it would be a lot of pointy-ears.

"Ms. Manwë, take out the hands of the Charger please"

Quiebrahuesos did then as ordered, thinking if it was better to punch as they discover her first the professor, or that elf of the front row of the class with an arrogant expression... but her thoughts where abruptly cut.

"WHAT THE FUC--!!" yelled Quiebrahuesos, before going in a surprised and long orc curse.

From her hands, a small flash of light ignited, with a weak pop sound, before dissapearing.

All the class was staring at her. Crap. Did she just spoke in orcish? Well. It wasn't their damn fault.


No elf seem to react. May they know at all to speak orcish? Or to distinguish it from other language? -that a dryad may speak?-

"Well" said the professor. "This was surely dissapointing".

The rest of the class nodded. Indeed, supposedly dryads where some of the greater natural users of magic. Oh well, they are High Elves for something. Maybe the best of the non-high elven elves, was much worse than every high elven average.

"wh-what that mean?" said confused Quiebrahuesos, looking terrified to her hands -expecting them to burst in flames or something-.

"Oh, it mean nothing" said the professor. "Only that you don't have almost any magic aptitudes, I'm afraid."

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