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September 17, 2011
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Get that giant down by Shabazik Get that giant down by Shabazik
"Get that giant down! Move! Move! Move!" yelled the UEC colonial militia sargent to his forces.

"Yes sir!"

"And get these damn SPAAG here, NOW!!"

An image from the #LegacyVerse, during the Human-Alaerin war, that lasted between the 2330 to the 2333, fought between the human United Earth Confederancy and the Council Sovereignity of Alarie, wich was the outcome of the first contact between humans and the giant Alaerin on Ruby-21

The war consisted mostly in a serie of skirmishes, and most of the action was in the space, carried by the respective fleets: however, as well several UEC and CSA colonies where compromised in the fighting, being changed of hands.

The giant Alaerin, capable of resist large amounts of damage inflicted by conventional infantry weapons, it was needed to face them mostly armored vehicles:

However, the UEC Main Battle Tanks (MBT) where mean to face other armored vehicles, rather than giants, being many times the maximal and minimal depression of the main gun insuficent, and the aiming devices wheren't the better to face some female giant shoktroopers with high movility:

However, a field conversion was done by the UEC forces, to revert this situation: Meanwhile the MBT may had a difficult time facing the Alaerin ground forces, the SPAAG systems -Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft gun instead was much more versatile, with the quick fire of the autocannons, better guiding and aiming devices, as well being quicker to correct the fire:

Many UEC units re-fitted their SPAAG with additional armor, or re-fitted their MBT and armored vehicles with one or more autocannons in anti-aircraft guns, to give a better and quicker response to the quick and small -numerically, not in size!- Alaerin inflitration forces.

After the end of the war the 2333, is know that several human militaries, despise the existing peace with the Alaerin, are developing modified SPAAG designed specially for the eventuallity of future wars with the giants.
110.000 Kiriban for :icondurendal5150: , one of the creators -or the only one? I really don't know XO- of the #LegacyVerse

He wanted me to draw something related to it, as well to the Alaerin-Human war.

I hope you like it. :D
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where's rick hunter and his Valkyrie when you need him ? :)
Shabazik Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist
Up in the sky!

It's a bird? Is a plane? NO! Is a Veritech transformable Valkyrie fighter and rick Hunter!!
If you're fighting giants and elevation is an issue, you're too damn close.

Or don't know how to drop 'em with a shot to the shins or knee.
Shabazik Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist
Ah, how I love AA guns, I must've lived through WWII because I LOVE flak guns and feel if I was in that war, I'd have to be one of the guy on it...
Shabazik Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist

Don't know why I didn't fav this earlier--it's a great sci-fi scene! Giant armored woman against normal, modern seeming human troops! It's like I would imagine for a cover!
Shabazik Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist
Thanks! X3
DAMNIT! Not more Zentradi! Why does humanity always gotta get its shit ruined by 60 foot armored ninjas with machine guns? :(
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