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Half elf by Shabazik Half elf by Shabazik
Other names: Mix, crossbreed, Mongrel, Half-Caste, Caste, Pseudo Elf, Phony Elf, dud elf, bastard elf, Half sh*t
CLASS: depend of the fathers
FAMILY: depend of the fathers

Skin tonnes: depend of the fathers
Hair tonnes: depend of the fathers.


The Half elfs is the generic race gave to the result of any sexual union between a Elf and a member of a non-elfic race.

After the Aparition of the Human, and the age of Invasions, one of the more common Half Elfs become the human-elf mix, due the subyugation of many elf races, cities and cultures to the human kingdoms and empires.

However, there are other cross-breeds, but depend largelly from the enviroment. (for example the half-elf half-Orc in the Galawkey kingdom, between Galaw Orcs and Mountain Elfs, was rather common among the Nobles, and most of the kings of the kingdom where half-elfs)

The way they are treated depend greatly of the social possition of the parents, the social sittuation predominant, the culture of the area, if it is a marital or non-marital offspring, etc, but in most of the ocassions will be subyect of pre-judgements against them, and will pass during his life of some doubts about his own identity.

Some Half Elfs:
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