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September 27, 2013
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Joining the Dance School by Shabazik Joining the Dance School by Shabazik
Cheerleader by Shabazik

In the lounge of the Dance school, there where waiting about a dozen of girls who had just joined the institution. Some looked around, a bit apprehensive, while others chit chatted without worries.

One of the dance teachers told them to please proceed to the locker rooms, to change into their dancing school uniforms, before proceeding to assign them to the different classes.

As they put on their gears, several dancers of the school arrived, each one taking a couple of the new students, to show them the facilities, and assign them to their instructors.

“Whoa! This Really is a big dance school!” said, impressed, the shortest of the three girls that where following one of the brunette dancers of the school.

“That’s why I choose it!” said other. “Being this big, surely is awesome!!! And I will soo become like Barbie Ballet Princess!!!”

“You want to dance ballet?” asked the shortest girl

“I’m going to be the best ballerina princess EVER!” said the other with a smile.

“Hey! Attention to what I’m saying!” nagged them the older girl serving them as a guide in the installations of the Arayasouren Dance School. “Is very important!! We take very seriously security here, so you need to hear where you girls aren’t allowed to be!”

“Why?” asked the Barbie-princess-ballerina-wannabe.

The guide rolled her eyes. “Just know you aren’t authorized in these areas of the building.

“Why?” she asked again, curious.

“Because these are the rules” said with a cold tone the guide. “Now, that was the facility. Which of you is who, to give you who will be your teachers in the dance school?


The Barbie-princess-ballerina-wannabe raised her hand, smiling. “I am!” she said. “And I’m going to be the best ballet dancer ever!!”

“You are going to the class of Mrs. Maria then. Prudence?”

Shy, the shortest girl with the pink backpack answered.

“I am Prudence”

“…mmmhh…. You accepted the high cut leotard? You will go then with Instructor Anna. Molly?”

“Hi!” said the last of the three girls, who had been quite silent for the time being, rather nervous.

“You are Molly? Then you will come to Mrs. Instructor Yushenka.”

After that, the three girls where walked to their respective classes:

Candice joined Mrs. Maria classes, where an old lady with a gentle smile was teaching the basic ballet exercises to a large class of girls of around her age.

“Bye Molly! Bye Prudence!” she said, before leaving for her class: She will become a princess ballerina!!

Prudence class was some rooms away, where was Instructor Anna.

“That’s instructor Anna?!” Prudence whispered scared to Molly. “She looks like an army sergeant!!”

“COME HERE RIGHT NOW!” Instructor Anna yelled to Prudence, who was staying at the door.

“Yes ma’am!” she quickly said, hurrying inside.

As the door closed, Molly and the guide went to the next floor of the complex, passing two security checkpoints, some surveillance cameras and a door with a complex, modern looking lock, opened with a card the guide had with her.

“Molly Henchmann, eh?” finally said the Brunette to Molly.


“Daughter of Moira Henchmann?”


“So you come here with several recommendations! But don’t expect that this is going to make things easier to you. IT’S THAT CLEAR?”

“Yes it is!” said Molly.

“I’m a senior student, you know”

“Yes ma’am!” Molly said nervously, when they finally reached the class of Mrs. Instructor Yuschenka. There, the leotard clad students, under the careful look of their instructor, where practicing hand-to-hand combat.

“Your class” said the brunette to Molly with a smile.

And so, Molly begin her formal trainings in the Way of the Minion!!

The Dance School originally is from ArayaSouren. However, there are some elements of “free interpretation”, such as that serves as a secret recruiting and training camp for operatives to some terrorist organizations: However, to keep the facade, there are some actual dance classes, and normal dancers there!


The idea that if a girl accepts the high cut leotard she may be a possible, future recruit, was from a comment of larqven long ago. XD

Next on Molly
See you later! by Shabazik

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