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Militen Aquila Aurea Scout by Shabazik Militen Aquila Aurea Scout by Shabazik
Little Rebel aFra by ShabazikMiliten Aquila Aurea Mercenary by ShabazikRuining the beach party by ShabazikMiliten Aquila Aurea Sniper by ShabazikFirst battle by Shabazik

The Militen Aquila Aurea (MAA) (3400 a.a.H), or "Soldiers of the Golden Eagle," is Private Military Company, a mercenary organization headed by its three original members, "Colonel" Relus Parr, his best friend "Sergeant Major" Auzten Wilg, and Relus's former rival turned lover/wife "Major" Hannah Parr (nee Kyung).

Starting out as just a band of three, the outfit has turned into a formidable task force now over one hundred fifty in the period of forty years, specializing in capture, sabotage, raids, defense, and assassination. Their base of operations is on the remote civilized world of Vaidosa (113.12), in the Svear star system.

Once soldiers in the RFB's Special Operations Regiment, the dreaded SGI, five straight years of grueling and thankless warfare wore their patience thin, so the three of them went AWOL and settled upon the ignored world of Vaidosa in the outer colonies, gathering arms, supplies, and a few extra embittered RFB soldiers along the way. The RFB did not stop searching for them, but every search party came back empty-handed or did not come back at all. For forty years the MAA has risen through the ranks of the mercenary world and has acquired enough capital from customers to buy a few small countries.

The MAA has a penchant for finding its newer recruits more by chance than actual scouring of disillusioned military units, save for the occasional deserter or opportunistic profiteer. However, they expect only the best and will gladly mind wipe anyone who doesn't make the cut. Relus Parr runs his operation tightly and values intelligence above all else, his wife and best friend the better enforcers. While they prefer soldiers from standing armies or skilled individuals even in the civilian world, several members have been taken from either rebel clone units during the Rebellion of the Clones or in succeeding operations, particularly aFra Specialists, aFra Rebels, and Kasparov CIA shik rebels or deserters. As the reputation of the MAA has grown, so has its list of enemies, particularly the RFB, Kasparov CIA, WK.CORP, and the Pixie Mercenary Company. But every time these foes run into the Soldiers of the Golden Eagle, it proves quite costly.

Personal File: Yazmeen Johnston

Yazmeen is the scout of Squad Ares.  Raised as a prodigy of gymnastics in San Eduardo (117.7)(world of the Alianza Goffyana), she was cheated out of her world's competition by rival factions with false allegations of cheating.  Disgraced but innocent, she still fell into a deep depression that saw her dip into the criminal realm when she wasted away her money.  With her dexterity, grace, and surprising stealth, she found herself to be a rather accomplished thief in the period of two years.  But stealing from the wrong people has its price, as she was cornered by mobsters one night ready to be killed.  But out of nowhere the mobsters fell and in the shadows stood only one man, Relus Parr, who gave her the choice to join the MAA or join a prison cell.  She didn't need to analyze further.  Yazmeen is the skilled warrior her fellow mercs always love at their front and the one her enemies never see coming.  True to form as a former thief, she will rarely kill unless helping Eileen spot targets, preferring to knock out her enemies with drugs or a quick blow.

In the back, there are as well Amado and Amada Benitez, who are as well "alianzas" serving in the MAA. Other Alianza of MAA is Mokuwaei "Mo" Alihi.

The Alianza Goffiana, Alianza Goffyca or simply known as the Alianza is a human nation of the Nebula of Ots, made from an alliance of nations with the GOFFY party as the gobernment, being thought the Alianza clearly lead by the older nations of it: Nueva Gofondria, Eria and Lombia.

The origin of this nation comes back from the year 3333 a.a.H, when a fleet of Gofondria breaks the Blockade of Aiers, and using stolen data from the Neo-Binese empire regarding locations and use of the Data Zone, they used it to travel to the nebula of Ots.

They will be on a deep space exploration and colonization mission, until contact was lost with the 'cradleworld' of Aiers -due the destruction of the Data Zone by Gofondria as well, to cut-off supplies to the Stornkold fleet blockading Aiers, and to savage Stornkold.

Since contact was lost, the Gofondrian space fleet will wander in space for about five years, as more of the dispersed survivors joined the main fleet -wich had several Ark Ships, being the main colonial core-, before finally arriving at the designated concentration point from stolen data: the world of Ots (1.7).

They will settle permanent bases on the southern isles, being founded the Alianza at the 3343 a.a.H.

In the following decades, the Alianza will expand from the first original member states -Nueva Gofondria, Eria and Lombia- with Chuchaimecagaste, Puerto Veio, Sao Peuro, Congelao, Tunja, San Eduardo, Puelo, Carbonia, Belpresi, Mio, Rinerio, being compossed of a population in total of about 16,000,000,000 inhabitants.

While -as in most nations- in the first decades there was some clonation of population, due the ethnic diversity and many claims by several factions that clonation was being used to give supremacy to one or other specific group, lead to stop clonation quite early, reason why it had become a mostly biological human nation.

As happened on Aiers, the GOFFY governments in the Nebulosa of Ots have as well the tendence of being unstable and difficult to govern.

Technologically, the Alianza is often looked down by other human nations, but that's in a great part due the preference of simple but reliable technology. As well, the Alianza armed forces prefeered more traditional equipment, supplies and uniforms.
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