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March 18, 2013
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Ogress Lady by Shabazik Ogress Lady by Shabazik

An Ogress Lady.

O G R E, Ogrii

Race: Ogre
Class: Ogre
Specie: Goblinoid

Other names: ogre, oger, gri, Ogyr, Canu

Alligance: Independent, Dark Legion of Demons.

Ogres (feminine singular: ogress, plural: ogresses) are beings which are usually large, hideous, humanoid monsters and are most often described as feeding on human beings -adult-eaters or specifically child-eaters-. Ogres often have a large head, abundant hair and beard, a voracious appetite, and a strong body, but physical apparence may vary greatly, from very human looking to one more monster one.

In general, the ogre stereotype is of peoples with low inteligence, violent, vengenful, playful and strong, but susperticious and cowards. This of course is a stereotype, but is widely accepted and fit the description of many ogres. The ogresses fit in general the description as well, but they seem to be a bit more inteligent, less violent and less pernicious to other peoples.

They aren't very social creatures -as isn't unheard of adult ogres eating the ogre childs of other couples- so often they live around familiar groups, and while they don't have a very developed material culture they love riches and luxury, and it isn't unheard they mate members of other races of the ogre family -such as trolls and ciclops-, goblinoids -orcs and goblins-, humans and giants, trying to hide their race and pass for the one of their couple.

Some ogres are very similar to humans in apparence, and sometimes they had hidden a tail between their clothes to pass for humans. A frecuent way to recognice an ogress with human aparence was to see what they wear: they often weared too fancy clothes for human women who move and live in forests and mountains.

In their homes, the ogres try to gather gold and treasures, and they allways where heathens, rejecting human religions -unlike other fantasy races, who slowly adopted some human religions.- But due the susperticious fear of the ogres to all the sobrenatural and divine, often they avoided temples, bells and religious simbols, used as talismans against them.

Often ogres kidnaped people, to eat them, or to make them slaves -specially children and women who had given birth-. Other ogre practice -which seem, when a ogre mother feared other ogre could try to eat or kill her little ogre children- was to change a baby of other race for one of their own, so the little ogre was raised by parents of other race.

For the Dark Legion of Demons, it wasn't easy for the demons to put the ogres in their service, as they lived dispersed and due their associal tendences. But in the end, either the demonic religion, promises of luxury and gains -and quotas of children and prisoners- drafted many ogres to serve the demon lords.

At least, until the demons raised and breeded their own ogres, ogres of war like the Hokke ogres.

EDIT 23.03.2013 Coloured!

original text: : This was done for my serie of drawings of "The People of Aiers", of one of the Ogres.

I want to colour this one, but I have two versions of it, and I'm not sure which one I prefeer: the one with and without tail.

I wanted to depict with her the more human-looking ogres. And then I added a tail, but I'm not sure.

Without the tail, she s too human looking. But in some of the old fairy tales -of our own world, not my own fiction- and stories, sometimes ogres and trolls where described that they looked just like humans, except minor differences:

example from wikipedia, as I'm lazy of looking for some better pages: "However, trolls are also attested as looking much the same as human beings, without any particularly hideous appearance about them, but where they differ is in that they live far away from human habitation, and, unlike the rå and näck—who are attested as "solitary beings", trolls generally have "some form of social organization". Where they differ, Lindow adds, is that they are not Christian, and those that encounter them do not know them. Therefore trolls were in the end dangerous, regardless of how well they may get along with Christian society, and trolls display a habit of bergtagning ('kidnapping'; literally "mountain-taking") and overrunning a farm or estate."

In Aiers, often trolls have tails. Not ogres. But my trolls are as well, more beast-looking. So what to choose?
Her being an ogress, and use the non-tail version to colour? Or her being a troll -or having troll blood/mixed ancestors- and use the tail?

-like in my half-elf, 1/4 troll character Mina-?

Tree of peoples of Aiers


-- Ogres
----- Knorl
----- Hokke
----- Oni
----- Ettins
-- Ciclops
-- Trolls
-- Skamals
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