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August 20, 2013
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Old drawing - Harem Lady by Shabazik Old drawing - Harem Lady by Shabazik

An oooooooold drawing from 2004: Back then, I still only drew small soldiers in battles where the word perspective was unknown, when I began to try to draw larger characters.

One of my first approaches to this, was to try to use as references images from the drawings I had easier access: The revista Condorito.

Condorito is a comedy comic –done by Pepo-, so the characters are cartoon: Not the wisest idea then to try to learn to draw some “close up” characters from cartoons, rather than some more realistic proportions!

Anyway: While Condorito is a “familiar comedy” comic, with white, innocent humor following the stories of the titular character –an Anthropomorphic Condor- and his friends in the fictional Chilean city of Pelotillehue -60 km from Cumpeo, and 90 km form Santiago for further references!- The autor –who signed with the pseudonym of Pepo- in his young years as well illustrated some comical adult magazines: And this was still patent in his way of drawing the extremely curvaceous women of Condorito.

This drawing –done around the 2004, if not before- was done inspired by one of these cartoon women of Condorito: but to complicate things further, as in my developmental stages of drawing I was only capable in the moment replicating –badly- Condorito-style women, I tried to draw in such styles characters of other series and so I saw as… the teen I was back then?

But as I stumbled into this old drawing, I decided to ink it –following the original lines-, and then I coloured on Photoshop, trying to use the some colours of the magazine.
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Oo~oo~OOh. : 3 Harem lady. >: 3 The colors are such a nice combo, too!
Shabazik Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist
Thanks! ^-^
It seems hard to imagine you not being able to draw women.  Cool of you to go back to your old art and giving us a taste of your early period! :)  Not a bad harem lady though.  Interesting that her lips and smile show in color through her veil--that's a smile of some considerable "wattage".  LoL
Shabazik Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist

I don't know about the lips thought. Always they did in that magazine it that way when drawing harem girls! -which would be surprisingly frequent, as really there aren't many excuses for it normally? XD
No, but does there ever really need to be a reason to produce a harem girl? :D
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