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December 13, 2013
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Ozcura Fight Club by Shabazik Ozcura Fight Club by Shabazik
Magic Fire Stick by ShabazikThe Curse of Blindness by ShabazikOzcura Patrol by ShabazikBand of Ozcuras by ShabazikSwamps of the Ghosts by Shabazik

In the extense parks, grounds of the Imperial University of Purpurian in Calintropia.

Jenna had always liked these parks, but normally as she went to her faculty, she took instead the streets, as it was closer to her boardinghouse.

She was in her first year of University, and she always knew, that University was going to change herself. But she didn't thought it would be in such a way!!!

As she was working in the coffee shop of "Olish & Cia" in the Arts Faculty as barista, she meet 'Kylla'. Weird girl, Kylla, and rather alternative. As she was buying a latte macchiato, she keep starying at her, making Jenna quite umcomfortable, before blurting it out.

"You are an Ozcura!!!"

She didn't even know then, what an Ozcura was, thought Jenna always had suspected she didn't only had human ancestors.
She had quite a pale skin -but more of a grey tone than pink- and somewhat pointy ears. Her siblings and mother looked much more normal, as much as the next calintropian, but she barely remembered the figure of her father, a hulking, tall man, with crocked teeth, and as well the somewhat grey pale skin... And her grandfather, with his pointy ears, crocked teeth and dark skin.

As well, rather than white in the eyes, she had them yellow... but she had always thought it was because of her mother smoking, and used eyedrops... and for her teeth, the dentist and braces did take care of them.

"Ah what?!"

"That's cool! I'm an ozcura too!" said 'Kylla'. Then, as she finished her turn, Kylla dragged her around to a table, buying her something to eat -and free food is free, and she worked as barista to get some money in her pocket-.

'Kylla' told her, that she was an ozcura. Or more exactly, a human, but with ozcura ancestors. As she later searched in internet, the ozcura -or grey orcs-, was a breed of orcs done by the demons in the old days before the Cataclysm. A breed of warriors. When she learnt in school of the great wars, she always imagined the orcs to be small, ugly and mean, but then for the first time, she learned of all the races of orcs and goblins that existed.

And Kylla, and being an Ozcura, picked her interest... and so, she decided to go with 'Kylla' to learn more of her 'roots'... That's why, she was going to the University grounds that saturday, following Kylla. She thought, Kylla looked actually less "ozcura" than herself for what she searched in the internet... more like somebody with elven ancestors.

As they get to one of the stairs in the park, Jenna heard what she thought was a terrible cacophony, and saw some girls dancing on the stairs.

"Ladies!!" announced Kylla with a smile. "I come with a new ozcura sister!!"

"Hi Naiaianin!" said the largest of the three women with a tattooed arm, as she stoped her dance.

Jenna looked to Kylla. "Naiaianin?"

the girl who greeted Kylla laughed. "That's her elf name!! Before she discovered she was a ozcura, she had claimed she was an elf, and choose that name saying it was elven!"

"So Kylla isn't her real name either?" asked Jenna.

"Not at all! Neither Naiaianin.... or... ah... what was her werewolf name?" asked the girl with the tattoos.

"Barks" answered upside down, other of them.

"Barks?!" said Jenna, about to laugh. "What kind of werewolf call herself Barks?"

"No one but a poser" said the girl with the Tattoo. "Urda here."

"Sam" said other

"Heike" the third one.

"Girls! I told you to use your ozcura names!" said 'Kylla'. "Her Ozcura name now is Karu!"

"Karu?" asked Jenna, before turinging to Urda, Sam and Heike. "I'm Jenna! Hi!"

"So... you want to learn some more of being an Ozcura?" asked Urda.

"yes!" said Jenna. "What are you girls doing here? Kylla said you where some sort of group of ozcura heritage activists or something?"

"Something like that. Without the activists part!" explained Urda with a laugh.

"And what is that terrible music?" asked Jenna, pointing the radio.

"That's traditional Ozcura music!" explained 'Kylla'.

"That's a modern band" argued Heike. "Not even Ozcura music, but a delgican band, Chained Wolves."

"They have an ozcura drummer!" said Kylla. "And they use the old life in Polforia as inspiration of their songs!"

"You know Jenna, 'Kylla' here stole the name precisely from the drummer of that band!"
The four girls laughed as Kylla opened and closed her mouth, as she couldn't think something to say.

"So? What are you doing here?" asked then Jenna.

"Copiera!" quickly explained Kylla. "Is a traditional Ozcura dance and martial arts, from the time of the Demon Lords and the War of The Power! When the Ozcuras where breed from the better of orcs and other races to make the ultimate warrior race!"

"... hey, there are some half-galaw orcs here as well" said Urda, before turning to Jenna. "And that's bullshit. Copiera is much posterior than that, after the cataclysm and the Orcs Wars, when our ancestors where defeated by the old Calintropian Empire. After that, Orcs were not allowed to carry weapons, so we came up with our own martial arts that did not use any actual weapons per say.  But  You are never without a weapon. as the old high orc proverb goes, you see!! So the Ozcura came up with Copiera, so that to the humans and the elves, it looked the orcs were dancing. Some humans claim we totally stole the idea from the Sao Azilians, but orcs are more fun that some south-ushavericans!!

So... want to learn some Copiera?"

"Sounds fun!"

"Welp, it was pretty silly idea to to that on stairs" said a werewolf lady business suit, as she passed by the side of the dancing Sam Ozcura.

In the pic, Kylla, Urda, Sam and Heike. Of them, Sam is the more 'pure' Ozcura, while Urda's father is Galaw High Orc. Heike instead is mostly of Kanov heritage, with some ozcuras ancestors, or so she claim so!

Done for :icona1c41: for participating on the Ozcuras! contest. Here, some ozcuras -or more specific, people with some degree of ozcura ancestors.- practicing Copiera.
Discovering the Past Ch. 2”Alex…Alex…wake up dude,” Chris shook his friend on the shoulder.
Alex simply groaned in reply.
“Dude wake up, it’s Monday morning and you have a term paper to write.”
“What?!  Oh shit!” Alex bolted from the bed but realized immediately that he was naked.  He turned his head to Chris, the pure High Elf, who was standing, no looming, over him with a devious grin.  “Oh shit man!  Don’t come near me!”
Chris’ face immediately as he watched his friend grab his clothes and frantically put them on.  “Alex, are you a homophobe?” he asked softly but his question rang in the room like you fired a starter’s pistol.
“No man!  You just freaked me out!” Alex said defensively.
“Oh.  Just so you know I’m bisexual.”
Alex froze.  “Oh.  Okay.  I had no idea.  But just so you know, I don’t swing that way.  I

Many thanks for participating :icona1c41:!
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KO-Corral Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Capoeira Ozcura? What's next, break-dancing Loranor? : O

I mentioned before, but I love them. Their whole look is perfect. <X 3 Their outfit and their expressions and their poses. All perfect! Damn ITTTT >____<
Armygeneral13 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I got something better Street fighting Orcs! Or K'nir hunters!
TroyandFriends Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Julias: These girls seem like fun to be with, I'm not fond of hitting girls when ever i'm sparring with a few mates in a boxing match, But I've befriended orcs before so they'd make fun comrades.
bunny75 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013
I just remembered that I have been in both Capoeira and Han Moo Do.
But I found out that for rabbit, I'm terrible poor kicker.
Well, at least I learned to fall like ninja, which is much more useful skill with these slippery winters.
Shabazik Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist
Savachika Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
Fight without protection is so painful hardcore!
Shabazik Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist
yes it is! D:>
wardude69 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
NO SHIRT, no shoes !

barebreasted fights ftw !
Shabazik Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist
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Excellent work!~
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