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Second Battle of the Bultr Bridge by Shabazik Second Battle of the Bultr Bridge by Shabazik

The Second Bultr Battle, fought at the 3250 a.a.H, between the forces of the Duke of Hannian and his hannovians, of the Mark of the South, against a horde of Kanovs of the tribe of the Gorbegeos.

An army of about 15.000 warriors of Gorbegea marched down from the highlands of the Peninsula of Gorbegea, and tried to cross the Bultr River, to conquer and raid the lowlands, commanded by the warlord Chevchov.

However, since the First War of the Powers, after the first battle of the Bultr Bridge, It was created the Mark of Hannovian, to guard the important brigde and the lands of the south, either from enemies from the steppes of central Aels, or from the south.

While was raided the norther bank of the Bultr, the Hannovian duke Christopher IV gathered his armies, but had only some 2.000 men, so he sended letters to the kings of the Northwest: Botania, Sargos and to their king, of Tardos. But no help was received, aside of some 500 men of some of the communal armies of the souther cities of the Dumian.

With these forces, Christopher of Hannian marched to the Bultr Bridge -an ancient Elven brigde, builded by High Elves on the road of Vanilion, ages ago-: and there, they waited.

When the Horde of the Gorbegeos arrived, warlord Chevchov didn't gave a second thought to it, and his warriors began to cross the bridge.

But the numerical inferior Hannovian used the bridge as bottle neck: and while they where pushed along it, fighting as they retreated, once in the south bank they where able to keep their possition:

the fight will last about two days and one night, with the mass of the gorbegeo army trapped in the river crossing, with only a handful of their warriors actually being abble to fight in the bridge, while the Hannovian where abble to keep their soldiers fresh, as they made constant relays.

Finally, with the Kanov horde weakened, the Hannovian pushed into the bridge. Demoralized, and many no longer trusting warlord Chevchov -and loaded with loot from the northern bank of the Bultr-, many warriors of the horde simply left. And with his forces abandoning him, Chevchov tried a last stand to inspire his warriors -as he couldn't command them anymore- only with some handful of his own men, in the north bank.

Chevchov was finally defeated, killed and beheaded, his head placed in a pike in the middle of the Bultr Bridge. His horde, while defeated, wasn't completely annihilated, and his warriors retreated back to Gorbegea, with the loot of the nothrthern bank.

Since no one came to their aid, after several disputes with the king of Tardos, at the 3253 a.a.H, Christopher of Hannian will proclaim himself King Christopher I, and make Hannian an independent kingdom.

They will build then the Twin Castles, on both banks of the Bultr Bridge, which later will become the Twintown, a trading, fortified city and port.

Old drawing, I don't remember from when. May I have begin to drawing it at the early 2000s? 2001? 2002? 2003? Finished it later, never actually finishing it, but adding a background.

This battle then, was much less impresive as intented. As that plain, boring bridge, rather than the initial one I wanted, more elfic and impressive :P

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KO-Corral Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
# 1 : The giant. XD

# 2 : Hey! You! Top left! Near the trees! Get in there!! >: ( What makes you think you don't have to play?

They should've never let them over the bridge! >X [
Shabazik Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Hobbyist
# 3 : The one hiding under the bridge doesn't want to play as well. XD
Savachika Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013
Even in 2000s? 2001? 2002? 2003? you drew better than me. ^_^ Good story and good battle.
Shabazik Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist
wardude69 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013
defensive side has an obvious advantage when defending bridges.
Shabazik Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist
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