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November 26, 2012
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Snow Elf Swordelf by Shabazik Snow Elf Swordelf by Shabazik

A northern Hieyoks Snow elf swordwoman.

S N Ö Ä L V O R Nix elvii

Race: Snow Elf
Class: Light Elf
Specie: Elf

Other names: Snow elf, North Elf, White Elf, Cold Elf, Snöälvor, Schneelf, Snelver, Snjoral

Alligance: Independent tribes, Whide Axis

The Snow Elves are a race of Rossnes light elves who lived in Hieyoks.

The origin of elves seem to be in Polforia in the north of Aels: but during the prehistoric age, the six original elven races began to migrate -the purple Wollumis, the black Neroz, the blue Zuleis, the green verdennos, the white Anqueael and the pink Rossnes-.

The Snow elves, one of the several branches of the Rossnes Family, originate from these prehistoric migrations -and later, sucessive, arrivals of new population.-

The demographic substrate of the Snow Elves where a branch of the rossness elves migrating from Polforia -northern Aels- to Ushaenor across Hieyoks, settling in this continent despise the hard climatic conditions of Northern Hieyoks, being hipotetized that there they mixed with dark elves -Neroz, in their own migration to the south, and Zuleis, remanents as well of their migration to Ushaenor.-

These first Snow elves, with a darker skin tone that other rossnes, lived mostly in the shores, dedicated to hunting, fishing and recolecting sea products, being for most of their history in early phases of material cultural development, having a nomadic lifestyle.

Much later, with the arrivals of new elven migrants from Aels -Silvan elves-, or the contact with the Ice elves (or even non-elven peoples, as dwarves- the Snow elves learned about the domestication of animals, which meant an important change of their diet and lifestyle, as many abandoned more traditional survival means, adopting a semi-nomad, pastoral lifestyle.

The Snow elves, being few in numbers, where enslaved and became vassals of the Ice giants -the Hieyoks- who extended their empire, and served them in the giant wars, between the Hieyoks giants and their vassals against the dark elven civilization of the Ice elves.

With the final defeat of the Hieyoks giants, many of their former servants leaved their service -as the Galaw High Orcs, and the Snow elves-, but in diference to the High orcs, the snow elves remained in their families and bands organization, and didn't had a political independent existence as a state, kingdom or tribe.

They will fight with intermitence against the more advanced Ice elves, High orcs, Hieyoksmainer orcs, giants, trolls and dwarves.

During the High Elven imperialism, the High elves found the taller but technologically backward snow elves unimpresive, and decided that, being light elves as well, they needed to protect them and bring civilization, founding settlements and kingdoms, trying to organice the snow elves into a High Elven state of the Empire of Whide Axis.

However, the resistence of the Snow elves, and the wars with Ice elves and later the Galaw High orc, meant the failure of the High Elven colonization attemps.

During the age of Invasions, the snow elves fallled then under Galaw orc influence, and during the short time of the Galaw orc kingdoms in Hieyoks and Zarhuy, they make several relations with Mountain elves.

However, the Galaw orc rule was short lived, with the arrival of the Kanov, and later humans.

Under their influence, that marked the end of the Elf Age of hegemony, appeared permanent, sedentary Snow elf villages, who began to dedicate themselves to agriculture and trade.

They never formed an important or powerful kingdom, and many falled in the influence of the Demons, once they make Polforia their kingdom, trading with them, or sometimes being invaded and raided -and the enslaved Snow elfs becoming "Blood Elfs" as well-.

As ethnic group, the snow elves are a diverse bunch, and according to the High elves, sometimes they doubt in considering them full elves -or light elves-. In average, they are the taller elven race -over the High elves-, they hairtones are mostly very light -being common white hair- and their skin tones go from light pink, tanned to dark brown.

They developed a close trading relation with dwarves -providing food in exchange of metal tools and jewelry-, often working as mercenaries for them, being created in other cases dwarven-elven settlements.

Tree of peoples of Aiers

This it's a representant of one of the tribes of snow elves. A more know group are the ones with high elven, silvan and hebonnor elven ancestry, who use pointy caps and are closer to the dwarves.

I once see in dA something similar, long ago, and was inspired by that. If/when I found it, links will be provided :P


-- Wollumis
------ Nubla Wollumis
------ Viborg Wollumis
-- Neroz
---- Canaia
---- Drow
------ Chelian Drow
------ Dungeandar Drow
------ Mazalean Drow
------ Negeél Drow
------ Sunner Drow
-- Zaghäl
-- Zuleis
--- Hakes
--- Flairie
------ Unnlinne Flairie
------ Koyonko Flairie
------ Lantanian Flairie
------ Enkel Flairie tribes
--- Desert elves
-- Ash elves
-- Rossnes
--- Silvan Elves
---- Ahrean
---- Bierteno
---- Nubla
--- High elves
------- Gold High Elf
------- Silver High Elf
---- Blood Elves
---- Sand Elves
----- Zarhuycan
----- Ipertian
---- Wild Elves
---- Grey Elves
---- Im'Salanos
--- Hebonnor
---- Snow
----- Northern Snow
----- Southern Snow
--- Doroz
-- Verdennos
-- Anqueael
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