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December 10, 2012
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We look so human that it hurts by Shabazik We look so human that it hurts by Shabazik

"...this make me remember the carnival"

"oh, yes!"

"Do you remember it Quilintha?"

"It was allways fun!"

"For the next carnival, I'm totally going to throw the largest party in the history of Negeémiliel as celebration from my glorious return!" said Ivo˙n, smiling.

"When we get back to Negeémiliel, the first thing I will do it's to see my mate" said, strangely positive, Quilintha.

"And I will get myself a bunch of sexy slave girls. And take a long, long bath!" said Milvais.

"With all the sexy slave girls?"

"Of course!"

The three drows laughed, as approached to them a man, coming out from the town's inn...

"Are you disguises ready?" asked Belád, as he walked out from the tavern, where he get himself and the three drow a place in the caravan.

"We look so human that it hurts!" said Ivo˙n with a smile. "Why we needed to change clothes, anyway?" she asked then.

"Look around. The humans here use different clothes" said the White Hermit.

"All the humans dress in the same way: boringly!" said Milvais.

"How are these disguises to work, anyway? Are humans that stupid, or what? Are we going to use make up? Oh! that will be fun!"

"And why you are the only one with an armor? We are the warriors!" said Quilintha, as she looked the clothes the high elf pick.

"The humans from there doesn't leave their women to be warriors." answered Belád to Quilintha, before turning to Ivo˙n "And you aren't using make-up, because the best it's to keep the disguises simple. We will be traveling for weeks, and the make-up will not last that much."

"Then if we can't pass for humans: why to wear disguises, anyway?" asked Quilintha

"If you are in human clothes, you drag less attention" said Belád. "And in the distance, or in a crowd, your elven ears will not be pointing out."

"What with our ears?" said Ivo˙n, frowning. She was very proud of her ears!

"...nothing! nothing!" quickly said the White Hermit. "It's nothing wrong with them. But in general it's better to not drag much attention of humans to you. Better for them to ignore what can be a teen girl from the distance, than a drow woman..."

"And what with the drows now?" asked Milvais.

"Let's say, drows have their reputation" said Belád.

Unluckily, but as the white Hermit guessed, There wasn't any caravan to the underworld of Kazrrad.... at least none from this human settlement.

However, from the stories he had in the tavern, traveling to the Underworld, and Kazrrad, would be easier than he thought, as recently Negeémiliel had expanded their presence in the surface, opening this several trade routes who before where closed by the wars, and being the border of a conflict: Only it was needed then to reach Nohalion, and from there join one of the dwarven caravans to the Fallen Doors, and into the Underworld.

However, neither things would be so easy: After the fall of Zannas, the hinterland of the Vanolosé-human city state, their formerly controlled territories, have fallen in anarchy, with the former local governors trying to become kings of their own, fighting each other, and preying in travelers, taking from them either taxes and tolls, or the travelers goods (or even the travelers themselves!).... however, their efforts were useless, or so thought Belád with a bitter grin. The power gap from the fall of Zannas, was accordingly to the news he get from the tavern, when looking for a caravan, mean an opportunity for the Nigromante to make his advance, and the legions of the islands of Tok-Thoria where marching to the south...

...and meanwhile, no one protected anymore the islands of Demonach, the garrisons deserted... and Dol-Nur was marching to put an end to the exile of demons...

He sighed. Neither the travel ahead was going to be easy... Neither he know for sure, what he wanted to do once in Negeémiliel... but that aside, with the armies of the demons gathering again as stromy clouds in the sky, he could fell in his bones that the end of this age was coming...

...and all the sacrifices of the great war where for nothing.

"So are we going or what?" asked Ivo˙n with a smile.

Only then, Belád noticed she wasn't wearing the clothes he buy for her.


There was heard a ruckus in the background, but ivo˙n keep smiling. "Are we going, then?"

Drawing done for :iconbillie-bonce:, for his entry to my contest. :3

I decided to draw for him, the continuation of the story of the drow trio... and the White Hermit, Belád Bonceduil!
character originally created by ~Billie-Bonce for my world.
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Argosaxelcaos Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
Is there a continuation to this? I've grown quite attached to this group
Shabazik Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Hobbyist
it's a work in progress, but for long I haven't been able to advance the story. I have done some pics that now are in the middle of the story, or unconnected, but it isn't finnished. I will continue it, eventually.
xhagast Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
Hmm...some stories write themselves, the character of the characters and the setting guiding it by itself. Wild Drow girls in a land in turmoil with hostile people all around, then Belad and his quest in a hostile city with less than reliable help. And then...maybe the girls find home less than welcoming and the troubles of the world catch up and the lot of them have to go somewhere to do something. Perhaps with new people along.

The girls WERE in semi-exile. Their return would not be precisely celebrated...
Shabazik Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist
Indeed! D:!
MrEpicJustice Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
so its like Haloween now...
Shabazik Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist
MrEpicJustice Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013
You said You'd continue soonish around May...
Shabazik Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist
Meh, I'm afraid it was not the case. Some things beyond my control, I'm afraid.
Savachika Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
Highland outfit suit White Hermit well. And girls looks good too. But really Hermit worried about their ears for nothing becouse always can see colour of their skin.
Shabazik Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist
yes, but in a world where exist several races, if not visible the pointy ears, people may assume they can be something else. Or half humans, for example!
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