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Yuatse River Battle, Kleineng War by Shabazik Yuatse River Battle, Kleineng War by Shabazik

Yuatse River Battle, Kleineng War, 3128 a.a.H.

Sir Johann Chelshire, officer of the Joaquintopian Empire, was tasked during the Kleineng War to land along with some Royal Infantry of Marine soldiers in the Yuatse river, near the Binese-Kleineng border, to protect the Joaquintopian interests in north-eastern Bina, as the advance of the Kleineng warlords menaced the construction of the Railway by McTonish & McTonish Company, a Joaquintopian railway company that was building the railways between Shuanzi and the Binese Imperial capitol.

As the Joaquintopian gunboats, who had been a key “diplomatic” assets of the Joaquintopian Empire in east Hieyoks landed a 120 men strong infantry of marine unit and 6 guns in the Yuatse River.

Lord Chelshire, despise the reports of an army of 14.000 Kleineng soldiers marching to the Yuatse river, and rather than to expect reinforcements of the Imperial Binese Army –that he despised due racial prejudgments and previous Binese-Joaquintopian wars-, he advanced his small detachment to the north bank of the Yuatse river, to settle a defensive perimeter.

When the advanced forces of the Kleineng arrived –some 1.500 men-, they rolled over Chelshire and his men, completely defeating the Joaquintopian force, and killing his commander.

The only thing that delayed the Kleineng in invading north western Bina was that the same Joaquintopian gunboats had to destroy the railway bridges built by McTonish & McTonish, while the Imperial Binese Army massed their forces.

The Kleineng wouldn’t be able to cross the Yuatse due the Joaquintopian control of the river with their gunships, but they did use the captured Joaquintopian and Klauseng artillery units in several artillery duels with the Joaquintopian gunships.

Back in Joaquintopia, the death of Sir Chelshire –due his own incompetence- would instead be praised as martyrdom, and used this uproar to prepare a new expeditionary force to be send to East Hieyoks.

An expeditionary force that will arrive too late, at the 3130 a.a.H, when the Kleineng War already finished, being used these soldiers instead to force their Binese allies in the war to more unequal treaties.

The Kleineng War was an armed conflict fought in Hieyoks at the 3128 a.a.H, between Kleineng against Klauseng, Robgorov, Joaquintopia, Bina and Jamon.

The state of Kleineng was founded only about a decade before the war, at the 3121 a.a.H, in continental Hieyoks, by members of the traditional feudal and military aristocracy of Jamon, who rejected the concessions given by the Emperor to Aelian powers in regard to the aperture of ports to foreign trade, presence of missionaries and other concessions given to foreigners since the 3108 a.a.H, that where seen as an insult to the honor of Jamon. As well, this feudal, traditional aristocratic and military class rejected the attempts of centralization of the Imperial dynasty at the archipelago, and the modernization in several points of their society that menaced their privileges –such as the modernization of the agrarian world and armed forces of Jamon.

The presence of Jamonese settlers in mainland Hieyoks wasn’t something new at all, and have existed since centuries settlements of Jamonese in several points, that while the Binese Empire was powerful, where considered vassals of that foreign power.

But with the decay of the Binese empire, due religious strife and foreign aelian powers, the chaotic opportunity was seen as an opportunity to the malcontent members of Jamon:

An at 3121 a.a.H, landed the armies of several feudal lords of Jamon on continental Hieyoks, in the region of Kleineng –a region mostly populated by Jamonese settlers and fishermen-, proclaiming the creation of an independent state of Kleineng, independent of both the Binese Empire and Jamon.

Quickly in this state, the malcontent feudal lords of Jamon replicated their traditional institutions, as this state was done precisely to keep safe their traditions, being seen by foreign Aelian press this new state as barbaric and ludite, as they rejected modernization in all aspects, wanting a revitalization of traditional values, moral and culture of Jamon, even if in other state.

Almost as soon Kleineng became an independent state, there where problems: the imperialist Aelian powers saw their own plans for Kleineng to be abruptly cut down by these independent feudal lords, and they demanded both to Bina and Jamon to put an end to this new state: but Bina, divided in civil war, couldn’t send their imperial armies, and neither Jamon was in the moment capable of sending their own forces across the sea, as their fleet was in process of reconstruction.

The war that was brewing, will finally explode at the 3128 a.a.H, when the aristocracy of Kleineng wanted to expand their sphere of influence beyond this small state on the shores of northern Bina, but beyond, aiming to Klauseng.

Klauseng, an historic small vassal of the Binese Empire, was granted independence by the Binese Empire only due the pressure of colonial Aelian powers –in this case, specifically, from Joaquintopia-, who using the nationalist desire of the Klausen minority, created a Joaquintopian protectorate with a puppet Klauseng government.

Kleineng, with a larger army, invaded their southern neighbor at the 3128 a.a.H, which will be the sparkle that will begin the Kleineng War.
While the small Klauseng army, partially modernized and with aelian military advisors, tried to resist the Kleineng armies, they where soon defeated and all Klauseng, occupied.

Being a protectorate of Joaquintopia, immediately Joaquintopia declared war to Kleineng, and their diplomats in Bina and Jamon ordered them to do the same –Bina, as Kleineng was formerly a province of Bina, seen then as a rebel province of the Empire, and Jamon, as the Kleineng warlords where subjects of the Jamonese crown.-

The declaration of war of Jamon to Kleineng, triggered the rebellion in the same Jamonese archipielago, where more of the members of the traditional aristocracy remained, often related with the warlords of Kleining, being then a spark of civil war. As well, as Joaquintopia, a mighty aelian colonial power, was the most dangerous of the enemies of Kleineng, they where on the other side of the world, and they only had some small colonial garrisons near: garrisons that where insufficient to launch an offensive: and the Binese Empire armies, fighting their own civil war, only could send minor forces against the Kleineng:

And so, Kleineng keep for a time the initiative, advancing over Bina, and with rebels in Jamon who claimed their allegiance to Kleineng. While the Joaquintopian gunboats where able to control the seas and rivers, the colonial garrisons they gathered only where enough to be send to defend bina –or specifically, the Joaquintopian interests in Bina-.

And while in Joaquintopia –in Aels- King Joachim prepared an armed expedition against Kleineng, the northern neighbor of Kleineng entered in the war: the Principality of Robgorov –an independent principalty founded by trutsian traders at the 2845 a.a.H, with close relations to the Trutsian Empire-.

Direct neighbors of Kleineng, the Robgorov advanced over Kleineng: and while there was a bloody campaign, the Robgorov –supported by Trutsia- finally defeated the Kleineng warlords at the 3129 a.a.H –meanwhile in Jamon, the rebels where defeated by the modernized Jamonese army.-

Robgorov didn’t stopped at Kleineng, but they occupied as well Klauseng, and soon almost a new war began, this time between the Trutsian Empire –supporting Robgorov- and the Empire of Joaquintopia –who protested for the independence of their protectorade-.

To avoid a conflict between to main Aelian powers –and the sparkle of that great war between the colonial powers of Aels, that was since some time looming in the horizon- finally there was a peace treaty: Klauseng returned to the Binese Empire as a province of Bina –with the Joaquintopian economic interests intact-, and Kleineng was annexed by the Principalty of Robgorov.

In such way, Kleineng disappeared as an independent state at the 3130 a.a.H. However, this will be only the beginning of more tensions late for this province with an ethnically mayority of Jamonese population, claimed by Jamon, Bina and the Trutsian Empire –using their vassal, Robgorov-.

Old, oooold drawings, I don’t know from when… but I guess, I began it in 2003, and may have finished it around 2004 or 2005.

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KO-Corral Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013
What is the little fellow on the bottom right doing down there, sitting all by himself? XD
Shabazik Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist
a Panda bear being a Panda bear. XD
wardude69 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
ashigaru vs riflemen.... bit sadistic

love how you made the riflemen pinkskinned and the ashigaru yellow :)
Shabazik Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Hobbyist
Jarreltheluckyone Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013
Medieval fantsy, science fiction, spy stories, and "napoleonic like". And next? far west? samourai? Aztec? You are very creative! :-)
Shabazik Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist
Thanks! XD
larqven Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
I was wondering who the "British" were. :)
Shabazik Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist
Well, They are really still Sargos at the end: but Joaquintopia it's called that way because of the ruling kings of that era -a bit like victorian era-, but the Joaquins kings were more pompous and while they ruled the nation, they called it Joaquintopia. XD
larqven Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013

Naming something after one's own clan?  Yep, arrogant indeed.


But nothing beats pomposity by adding "topia" as a suffix to any geographical or municipal name! LoL

Shabazik Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist
Inded. or "polis" in my opinion, reason why I always find so pompous the name of many brazilian cities! (Florianapolis) and so on. XD
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beancooler09 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013

Funny Shabazik. I remember doing drawing like this a long time ago as well. But all my soldiers were women n bikinis LOL.

Thanks for sharing

Shabazik Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist
I guess, that would have been more interesting to see! XD
Many thanks!
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